Map upload & news

I placed a simple script so everyone can upload maps on my ftp.
I will check regulary and add the maps uploaded in the ‘Maps‘ section.

Go here to upload your map

The maps uploaded are also immediately available here.

For now I’m working on the DLDI Fatlib support, I’m trying to get it ready for next week. I’m also correcting here and there the reported bugs. Once it’s done, I will start adding the planned features that are secret for now 😉


~ by Noda on 16 January, 2007.

32 Responses to “Map upload & news”

  1. Very nice! I can’t wait for the DLDI support so i can play this on my R4 🙂

  2. You have to be GOD xD, very good job ;P

  3. can u make a DotA for DS? T_T

  4. lol DotA for ds? are you insane?!

  5. Sorry I have no interest for DOTA..

  6. Can’t wait for the slot-1 supported version…you rock!

  7. LOL it’s a TOWER DEFENSE not a hero maul there is no hero only tower can be built and round of monster for now lol!! Dota is different, it’s like if u want a warcraft III game on DS …
    Nice, I will put my Casino TD, i think it good enough to be tested by other player 😉 but the knight round is quite impossible lolz

  8. can somebody tell me why there is a number after the name of the 3 last map uploaded??
    i think it’s the date of the file … but i don’t see the point of putting this since we can see it already …

  9. hey I got an error! The maps I make all become XML not TDM files…

  10. Use ‘build’ button to make a TDM file 😉

    and the date appended after the filename is normal, this is to avoid overwriting existing files 😉

  11. Great news ^_^. i’m impatienly for the new version.

    Great job and good luck with the proyect Noda.

  12. This is incredible! Great work! It always strikes me as funny when a one-person project like this can be so much more addicting and fun than professionally-made games that go for 40 bucks.

    I’ll probably be uploading some maps in the future. Thanks again for this!

  13. Hey Noda, I uploaded two maps called Desert Glory, choose V2.0 plz, the other one isn’t complete…

  14. also, if u make a desktop wallpaper with the Warcraft Tower Defence Logo that would be sweet.

  15. Speaking of being a better game than some $40 games, when are you putting up a paypal link for people to show their appreciation? 🙂

  16. i Can Make Some Good maps for this but i have a max media dock. I dont think it works for it. i dont see a .nds format with the download. Please Fix i love Warcraft 3 Tower Defense maps. And I create tower Defenses For Warcraft 3.

  17. i Can Make Some Good maps for this but i have a max media dock. I dont think it works for it. i dont see a .nds format with the download. Please Fix i love Warcraft 3 Tower Defense maps!!! And I create tower Defenses For Warcraft 3.

  18. Run the ADD MAPS.bat file to create the .nds file. It will add all the .tdm map files in the Map/ folder to the .nds file.

  19. Any chance for something similar but from Starcraft? I’ve been a fan of that game for years now. Props for the sick game though.

  20. All i have to say is Diablo + Nintendo DS = Heaven

  21. guys, the current project is WARCRAFT, not diablo or starcraft. Let him finish his current project before you start anticipating others that may not ever happen.

  22. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Right on, its amazing that Noda made this either way!!!

  23. Yea starcraft tower defense would be kool! Way to go noda with the warcraft Tower Defense. You know wat would be kool! like a hero war map!!!!

  24. Do you have any plans to port this over to PSP? If you made it as a homebrew application and simply replaced the touch functionality with a cursor, it would be a total hit.

  25. Curious, has anyone gotten any emulators to load up the tower defense .nds? It’s a pain to transfer the files onto my DS every time I want to playtest the map. 🙂 I’ve tried all the emulators listed here:

  26. The 0.2b release is emulator friendly 😉
    And not, I won’t port this to the psp as I don’t have one.

  27. good move Noda (i dont like psp :p) I updated my The Ruins map, please try it out and remove the previous version where I messed up monster space and tower space…

  28. If your next version would support max media dock, that would be great. Pretty much the biggest reason i got it was to play this game.

  29. If anybody knows how to play it on media dock as is right now, i’d love to know how.

  30. sdadsadsadasdas

  31. can anyone provide a link from where i can download all tower defence maps.

  32. where can i download those maps?

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