Some news…

First, I would like to thanks all of you for your support. It encourages me to work hard to get this homebrew better & better 🙂

I have also a request for some of those great map makers here, I would like to include these maps in the next release:

. Spiral TD v0.62, by Zippi and Balu: Download
. Casino TD v0.02, by mat88: Download
. Long Walk TD v0.6, by TheRock: Download

Please if you’re the author of one of these maps, leave a comment to tell me if you’re okay for that or not.

Also, I have a more personal message to Zippi and Balu: I tried to contact you using the email you provided in your comments as I don’t use ICQ, but with no success… Please tell me how to contact you, as I am very interested in your proposition 🙂


Finally, I have updated the maps section, and deleted some unplayable maps. Please test your map before uploading it !
In the next release, a great documentation for the map editor written by Gutter Talk will be available.

Do not forget those things while doing a map:

. a tower must have a 3×3 space to be built
. a map must have at least one spawn point and one final point, but do as many as
possible intermediate waypoints, or there may be some slowdowns due to the
pathfinder !
. monsters must have at least one space to be able to walk
. all built map can still be opened in the editor, so you can look at how other maps
are made if you’re unsure on how to use a feature 😉

Stay tuned, the next release will come soon…


~ by Noda on 20 January, 2007.

18 Responses to “Some news…”

  1. sure, u can use my map!

  2. You can also use my map! I made a new version of it, it’s CasinoTD0.1, more tower, more cash, more easy 😉 now i’m working on more rounds

  3. Warcraft Tower Defense Ds doesnt work on my ds with the max media drive even with the .nds please fix Noda. I cant test my maps if it doesnt work and my maps come out in .xml and not the other format please help thx. Cant wait for the next release maybe it will work with mac media drive 🙂

  4. Can’t wait for the DLDI support. I have my R4 ready and waiting 🙂

  5. Kevin: if your maps come out .xml you gotta press the build button.

  6. Any idea on what we might expect in future versions? Are you still working on a multiplayer aspect?

  7. Oh, sorry for double post, but could you possibly work on a quit function? When I’m playing a map and I want to quit, I just have to destroy all my towers and let myself lose. Perhaps include it in the pause menu?

    I love the editor too btw. I had a bug with my map where anytime a monster got to the 2nd last portal the game would freeze up, but I moved some stuff around and the bug was eliminated. Now everything runs perfectly. Once I get maybe 15 more rounds I’ll upload my map. Best homebrew game EVER!

  8. @Ignignokt: To quit, just press Menu at the top left. ;D

  9. Yeah, >_

  10. That’s wierd, if you use the (shift + ,) symbol in a comment it deletes everything that came after it. anyways:

    I figured that out right after I posted the comment. Oh well…

    I uploaded my map. It’s a mazing map, so it doesn’t decide how you lay out your towers for you. (open-ended, allowing for the player to use his own strategy)

    Its only 15 rounds, but I’ve balanced the hell out of them. I’m hoping to get it to as many rounds where you’d basically fill up the entire map. But that will probably take at least a month, so I’ll keep uploading it every time i feel its worth it.

  11. How to play this game in the nds??
    i am using Super card~

  12. Please read the “readme.txt” file…

  13. use the ADD MAPS function and then copy the .sc.nds file over to your supercard.

    Noda, any chance we can get forums? I’m sure your homebrew will blow up if you continue to support it. 🙂

  14. i have aready copy the .sc.nds file over to my supercard.
    But i still cannot play it…….
    Is there any things that i should do?

  15. of course. you can use our map and all maps that we´ll make. Hmm I don´t understand why I didn´t got an email from you. Plz try again. And write directly Warcraft 3 Towerdefens so i hope my spam filter won´t delete it.

  16. First, I’d like to say that I play WC3:FT ALOT. And I’m usually playing some RPG Mod or a TD.

    When I saw this homebrew download I knew I had to have it.

    Kudos x a million to the creators, testers, programmers, and all those involved in this project. I guarentee I’ll be playing this for hours on end.

    Great appreciation!

  17. i would love to get this but i dont have the download ds chip thing. could i just by an extra copie off some one?

  18. o and if it materrs i have ds lite

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