New version : DS Dev Compo entry

Here is the new promised version. Some new features here, and as announced, it supports DLDI so M3 Simply/R4/SC DS may now enjoy it 😉

This version will be my entry for the DS Dev Compo.

Download: wtd_v0.3_beta (starting from now I will use the RAR format to reduce the size of the archive)

PS: Note that all bugs stated in the previous post may have not been corrected, as I’m still searching a solution for some.


Changelog :

-28/01/2007 : v0.3 beta
+ now use latest libfat with DLDI support
= corrected a bug in the file filter, now FAT version works without having to rename
the maps
= fixed the missing border of some icons
= temporary workaround for solving the screwed up sprites problem
+ added a new bunch of great 3rd party maps 🙂
= corrected some bugs in the “Save The Snowman” map
= corrected tower collision map in the “Long Walk TD” map
+ added a circle around the current selection
+ new map: Orange Frenzy

With each new version, I will now include the best maps submitted on the maps page. Thank you for supporting my game by making such great maps !

And sorry for not keeping up-to-date this page, I’m currently very busy with my real life, but some people will probably update it for me 😉


~ by Noda on 28 January, 2007.

30 Responses to “New version : DS Dev Compo entry”

  1. My map is not included :’-( (ice TD) I will improve it!

  2. Cool, thanks for the update Noda, I added yours to my file sebas373 so I can try it out, the more maps the better 😀

  3. thanks^^

  4. awesome piece of code, dude!

  5. Cool! Keep up the good work Noda

  6. Girlfriend has the DS but once i get it back, i can’t wait to finally try this out 🙂

  7. Love this mod

  8. Downloaded it, patched it (with DLDI), installed it (.nds in the root, /MAPS off the root), tried to play it but it seems to be totally broken. The touchscreen doesn’t work at all and there is no way to select any but the first map..and when you do load the map, nothing happens, and pressing the START button locks up the DS..I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong, I’ll wait for the next release.

    I have a M3 DS Simply, BTW.

  9. Getting exact same outcome as above poster. Also using an M3 DS Simply

  10. Same problem here with an R4DS. Doesn’t lock up, but doesnt respond to touch screen.

  11. Patched with r4tf.dldi. No touchscreen response.

  12. same here 😦

  13. not working on my r4 😦 no touch screen response

  14. I’ve got the same program as the rest of them, no touch screen, no maps show up, I patched it with the correct DLDI patch as needed. I use a R4 DS if it helps.

  15. The same problem whit my ds-xtreme 😦

  16. /pif

  17. same problem here as the rest. Hope it gets fixed coz I’ve been wanting to give this a shot. Using r4

  18. Touchscreen doesn’t work on my M3 Simply either. I love Tower Defense though, so I’m looking forward to playing 😀

  19. FAT Init error on DSLink. patched with dlms_moon

  20. Works great on my DS-X 🙂

  21. I moved the map folder to the root of my microSD, and from there the only map i could load was Orange Frenzy. But after loading, all i could do was move around the map…thats it.

  22. Touchscreen does not work on r4ds. Maps can be loaded though.

  23. Thanks for Tower Defense Noda – and thanks to the mappers! 😀

    Unfortunately I’ve had the sprites getting corrupted in this 0.3 beta, so I’ve gone back to the 0.2 beta as I think that was a bit more stable with the sprites.
    My hardware = DS Lite, Supercard SD Lite & SuperKey

  24. Very great job Noda. Thank you very much.
    I have now a map in proyect, soon I will upload my map in spanish version (i’m spanish), but if like i can translate it and make a english version.

  25. It would be better to upload here only english maps, so everyone could understand it 😉

  26. Ok, then i will make a english version and then will upload it.
    One question/bug for Noda.
    In the map i making, i wish customize the diferents clans, incluied the initial max tower bonus.
    For this i customize the parameter max tower bonus in the main evolution for every clan but this don’t works.
    In posteriory (secondary) evolutions works rightly but not in the first evolution (main evolution)

    Thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english xD

  27. Hmm it may be a bug, it should work correctly, i’ll take a look at it, thanks for the report.

  28. Noda plz we want multiplay ❤

  29. I want multiplay too 🙂

    thanks Noda!

  30. se puede descargar para el ordenador el warcraf?

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