As it seems a lot of people is experiencing problems running my homebrew on hardware, here is a start for a compatibility list to make it clear for everybody, based on my tests and some reports:

– DS-Xtreme: no need to patch, works (I have one so I’m sure 🙂 ) need latest firmware (1.02 or 1.1), but seems to have bugs when there is too many maps :/
– EZ-V: works using FAT version with DLDI patch
– R4/M3 Simply: DO NOT WORK, it seems that PAlib has some problems with theses cards, I can’t do anything about it for now 😦
– SC/M3 Perfect CF/SD: works without patching, either FAT or PAFS version
– SC/M3 Lite: works without patching, either FAT or PAFS version
– SC Rumble (All): PAFS works using .sc.nds (but 4Mb limit), don’t know about FAT version (should work)
– SC DS: works, use FAT with DLDI patch
– DSLink: DO NOT WORK, DLDI fat driver problem
– GBA Movie Player: works withoug patching, FAT version
– G6 (all): works, use either PAFS or FAT with DLDI patch
– EZ4 Deluxe! works, use FAT without patching
– EZ4 standard: works, use PAFS version with .ds.gba
– Max Media Launcher: works using FAT with DLDI patch

I’ll add a compatibility page later, for now I would like to know if it works on those cards:

– NinjaDS/MicroNinja (FAT, with & without patch)
– Ninjapass X9 (FAT with DLDI patch)
– Acekard (FAT with DLDI patch)

If you have one of these cards, please leave a comment with the version you tested (PAFS or FAT), the name of your card along with the firmware version, if you applied a DLDI patch (for the FAT version) and what kind of problem you’re experiencing if it doesn’t work (white screens, load menu but fat error, freeze etc).

Thanks for your help.


~ by Noda on 29 January, 2007.

46 Responses to “Compatibility”

  1. I have: Supercard Lite (MicroSD), firmware version 1.7

    PAFS version works fine (using “ADD MAPS.bat” then copying to microSD card).

    Only problem seems to be the sprite corruption that I think is a known issue? If not, try playing the Casino or Spiral levels for a while. If I can find reliable reproduction steps to make the sprites corrupt I’ll post here.

    Cheers again Noda! 😀

  2. Supercard Lite firmware worked
    with FAT version without DLDI patching.
    (just copy the MAPS directory and to microSD)

  3. I have a Supercard DS slot-1 and it works just fine using FAT version patched with DLDI.

  4. FWIW, I can confirm that the M3 Simply DS has problems because of the PALIB: I’ve patched other homebrews and seen them work in a limited fashion or not at all. In particular, the touch screen functionality doesn’t work, even if the game or app does run.

  5. it works on ez4deluxe without patching

  6. ur mad at the r4? huhu

  7. On EZ flash IV standard (miniSD kingston 1GB) + Passcard the .NDS file doesn’t works not using the ezpatcher (ez4client-Patched-27-12-2006, the lastest avaiable) nor without patching the game.
    The .Gba game works correctly but it doesn’t find the maps (fat init error), the maps folder is on the minisd root and the minisd in fat standard format.

  8. Ops sorry for double post!!!

  9. works fine on EZ-V as you said.

  10. I’ve got a M3 simply and as mentionned, the touch screen doesn’t work and i can’t load any map (“fat error”) : duh !

    I hope you can work this around, ’cause W:TD really looks like a great game !

  11. What do u mean whit ” need latest firmware (1.02 or 1.1)” ?

    (I got a ds-xtreme)

  12. gbamp works with fat without patch
    pa crashes at map selection, but could be a mono problem

  13. >What do u mean whit ” need latest firmware (1.02 or 1.1)” ?
    >(I got a ds-xtreme)

    Just that you have to upgrade your firmware if you have the 1.00 or 1.01 version.

    And PAFS version can’t work on GBAMP as there’s no ram inside the card 😉 but thanks for trying it

  14. Strange, cuz all of the other homebrews DLDI Compatible actually works on my DSLink… Whatever, i’m getting a SCDS1 so blame it.

  15. does it work with the MMD now

  16. Supercard Rumble Worked with .nds patched with DLDI ( used DLDI for Supercard Lite )

  17. On EZ flash IV standard (miniSD kingston 1GB) + Passcard the .NDS file doesn’t works not using the ezpatcher (ez4client-Patched-27-12-2006, the lastest avaiable) nor without patching the game.
    The .Gba game works correctly but it doesn’t find the maps (fat init error), the maps folder is on the minisd root and the minisd in fat standard format.


    Works correctly using PAFS version… But only the .gba… the .Nds version still doesn’t work patched nor unpatched…
    Sorry but yesterday was late and i didn’t used the pafs version… :sleep…

  18. Posted this in ‘maps’ too, before realizing I should post in the most recent area…sorry.

    ‘I just decided to drop a line and tell you that this has become my most used application on my DS (beating out my games…). Everything is perfect (the authentic music adds a NICE touch). Just a few questions/suggestions….you can answer on email or ignore ‘em completely.

    1. Will there be a save ability? Eventually, these maps will grow bigger and more balanced, meaning the maps will become longer, meaning the ability to walk away and pick up a game later would be nice.

    2. Will you be updating the versions of the maps that are included in the package? I noticed you said that would be adding the best map into each revision…but does that mean you’re updating the others?

    3. I haven’t started making maps yet…but in my playtime I’ve noticed that the speed and range of maps is numerical. Are these numbers in any way related to the Warcraft numbers, or are they completely different? I was thinking I could import a few maps from WC3 on this thing…

    Thanks for your time, and keep up the good (great/excellent) work.’

  19. This game keeps getting better with each version! I’ve heard that the new version of libnds solves the stylus problem, so I’m waiting for the next version as always 🙂

    A quick question: when are you supposed to achieve Advanced Technology in the map “Save the snowman”?

  20. 1. Saving is a great idea, I’ll think about adding it into a further version 😉

    2. Yes, the maps will be updated when newer versions are available

    3. No, the values and units are no way related to the real warcraft game, it’s an entirely new system.

    Thanks for your comments 🙂

  21. >On EZ flash IV standard (miniSD kingston 1GB) + Passcard the .NDS
    >file doesn’t works not using the ezpatcher
    >(ez4client-Patched-27-12-2006, the lastest avaiable) nor without
    >patching the game.
    >The .Gba game works correctly but it doesn’t find the maps (fat
    >init error), the maps folder is on the minisd root and the minisd
    >in fat standard format.

    Did you try FAT version with the EZ4 DLDI patch on the .ds.gba?

  22. Hi there

    First I’d say this project is really nice and result seems impressive (as I’m a war3 td fan)
    I use a SC DS (slot 1) and I just understood the dldi thing, I patched according to the instructions and now it works perfectly, nice job 😉

  23. g6 lite works with fat+dldi patch.

    the advance freeze towers doesn’t have any freezing effect.

  24. Can anyone help me i don’t know what files to patch and i don’t know how to patch files

  25. Not working on the MMD (CF) even with the DLDI patch and the 00:00 fix.

  26. DS with m3 simply
    patched using chism DLDI
    loads fine, touch screen doesnt work, maps wont load

    just so others know 🙂

  27. G6 (PAFS)
    also works fine (no reason it shouldn’t 😉 )

  28. Noda, can you please add tower’s animation next version

  29. I use a m3 lite perfect and it dont work after patching with the game manager…

  30. It works with an m3 lite perfect. I have one, you don`t need to patch it with the game manager. Simply take the towerdefense.ds.gba file and copy it directly to your card. It will work.

  31. Works fine with Max Media Launcher, Supercard SD and Kingston 1GB. Doesn’t even have to patched with the Supercard software.

  32. sc.nds works, but when i try to load map, says ; FAT init error


  33. Yeah I had a sprite corruption on the Snowman map. At about round 7 or so, the round started and all the sprites on my screen went all fuzzy(like tv static) but all the new sprites that came in worked fine.
    I have an M3

  34. I realy like Warcraft TowerDefense~
    but it can’t support R4 Card..Orz

    Hope it will to work on R4 system someday!
    that’s it~

  35. I havent gotten it tow work on my Max Media Launcher, i have the one with the 1gb gigapack.

  36. It looks like such a cool game too 😦

  37. please make this compadable with the MMD

  38. Iried NinjaPass X9TF Fat patched. Loads up fine but on the map selection screen I get a fatlib error.

  39. Hi.

    I use an EzFlash V and the patch DLDI.

    My problem is when i start a solo game and i whana load the maps i get “FAT init error!”

    I use FAT system on my card. Is this wrong? I’ve allso tried using FAT32 but same shit there.


  40. Can anyone tell me how to get this working on my G6 lite? I tried patching the Fat file, but still doesn’t seem to work

  41. Supercard Rumble micro SD doesn’t work…

  42. Noda je t’en prie mon amour rends ton homebrews compatible M3 Real ❤

  43. I can’t do anything, you must ask an update or a better DLDI driver to the M3 team…

  44. I Kno that M3 DS REAL has a DLDI Compatiblilty but when i run this homebrew and several others they dont work, others liek Beup,
    DS Organsie and IPOD Clone

  45. hey jus wunderin is there an update version that is compatible with the R4 yet?

  46. My friend gave me his Super Card SD (SD To GBA) so I stuck the folder thing in there and put the super card sd into my NDS Lite and turned it on then went the the nds file and pressed a and it loaded up but only came to a white screen. What do I do to make the game work? BTW The Super Card SD thing is in good condition and still works and what not.

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