Some news…

I have been quite busy recently, that’s why I wasn’t here some much 🙂

Thanks everybody for your reports about bugs and compatibility, now I’m aware of some issues that I’ll try to correct in the next version.

The next version will be based on the new devkitpro r20 release with new ndslib & new palib, so some problems like stylus jumping should be gone forever 🙂 I also found a way to fix the issue with M3 Simply/R4, so when I’ll have some free time a quick bugfix release will be available. 😉

Also, the map editor will be updated with some bugfixes and a new “export preview” feature so that it will be easy to have a preview image of your map to show.

I’ll also try to update the map section in the weekend, as there’s some great maps that have come in the last weeks, thanks to their authors for their good work!


~ by Noda on 3 February, 2007.

9 Responses to “Some news…”

  1. Great news, im impatienly to see the new editor ^_^

    Talking about map section, i have finished my map: Ruinas, in a english version (i hope that the map will be understandable)

    Now, i will upload it. I hope that you like it.

  2. Great to hear about the R4/M3 fix for the next version 🙂 I’ve been playing on my SC SD and I’m having a blast. Though sometimes the Units (towers and such) get all static-y, like a square full of pixels and such.

  3. I hope that you enjoy my Map ( Hellgate Keeper’s v0.3b ) !
    I will make a lot of Map after the next week !
    Thank you very much !
    I like you ! ^^ ! Look forward the new editor !
    ( I have the Supercard One and Micro SD Hama )

  4. Keep up the great work! FWIW, I’ve played this homebrew game more than any other one ever before! Can’t wait for the next release.

  5. That’s a goodnews!!
    I have wait the R4 version for a long time(Q__Q)

  6. Sounds good, I look forward to playing it on my M3.

  7. my hero 😀

    go for it!!!!

  8. Great news, can’t wait to tower kill monsters on my DS 🙂

  9. thank the person have editor this game ^^ continue editor warcraftower final version lllllllloooooollllll

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