Quick bugfix release

Here is the promised quick release which should fix some bugs and R4/M3 simply compatibility πŸ™‚

-04/02/2007 : v0.31 beta
+ now use latest devkitpro (r20) with latest libnds, libfat & palib
= stylus precision & jumping problems fixed (thanks to latest libnds)
= stylus problems with R4/M3 simply should be fixed (thanks to latest palib)
= corrected the bug that make the map selection screen froze when there was more than
10 maps (FAT version)


EDIT: PAFS version is broken in this release due to a stupid error… Just use version 0.3 instead of this one.


I’m currently trying to find the bug which sometimes corrupt sprites (it seems to occurs only at the beginning of a round, please correct me if I’m wrong πŸ˜‰ ) and the one that cause an attack sprite to stay fixed on the screen sometimes after selling a tower.

I also added a compatibility page, just take a look at it if you’re experiencing problem while running it on your flashcard.

Finally, I updated the maps page with the latest uploaded maps. I also quickly tested newest ones this morning (boring lessons are great for that πŸ˜€ ) and here is my personal opinion on those, as it was requested:

– Blizzard TD : probably the best map out there for now, beautiful gfx & design (please can you send me the tileset used so I can add it to the map editor?). Difficulty is progressive, there’s a great bunch of towers and 61 rounds, yes!! I urge you to test it πŸ™‚

– Ice Maze TD : simple but nice map, enjoyable but I found that the towers are not balanced at all : only wind & ice towers are usable, earth & fire are useless compared to the wind tower.

– Bl00dy : good map, nice idea, but I found it too short and too easy. Also a polished gfx design of the map would be a great addition (like just rounding all edges). There’s also some typos, and I don’t see the point of the ^ZONK^ tower (evolutions can have no towers if you just want more towers upgrade πŸ˜‰ )

– Amazone : great map, towers are well balanced, some rounds too easy for me πŸ™‚ There’s some typos also.

– Gears of war TD: nice map & theme, good balance & difficulty but it’s too short!! It needs more rounds πŸ™‚

– Ice Maze : too easy in my opinion, but well done, great ideas and balance. Also needs more rounds!

– Ruinas : great map, a lot of rounds, 4 clans to choose from, very enjoyable. Too bad that there’s a lot of typos 😦

– The maze: nice design, a lot of content but it’s way too easy and towers are unbalanced (water man, warrior & magician are way too powerful… or maybe the monsters are too weak :P). Also some lines in tower descriptions are too long.

I also tested those maps but not added them due to some problems

– Laberinto: great idea, but please translate it to english!
– Hellgate Keeper: nice map but unplayable due to a problem with monster collision map
– latest Virus TD: unplayable, tower collision map is invalid
– 6 clans ice : nice ideas and a lot of towers, but seems unfinished 😦 it’s very short too
– Azteca: I don’t see the point of this map, it’s just a copy on mine with 5000 gold and 2 towers added, I don’t see any interest as if you build the big one, it kills every single monster by itself. A map for frustated losers? πŸ˜›
– Demon hunter! : unplayable, seems unfinished

If I forgot one just post a comment πŸ˜‰


~ by Noda on 5 February, 2007.

48 Responses to “Quick bugfix release”

  1. Again, thx a lot for your job.

  2. I patched the _FAT nds file with DLDI, and the game worked great on my M3 Simply DS. So, I’m finally going to really get to play some maps. πŸ™‚

  3. I made the map Blizzard TD. Great you like it. I would like to send you the tileset, but I don`t know your email. You could also write a mail to me, I would answer then.

  4. Its working on my R4, sweet!

  5. Cool, I’m gonna try the new version.
    I also want to tell you congratulation for your 7th place in the DrunkenCoders competition.

  6. R4 DS = Working πŸ™‚ Great work, can’t wait to see what new features you have in store πŸ˜‰

  7. hum … it’s not working on the emulator (desmume) … i have error with folders /maps …

  8. Only PAFS version works with DeSmuMe πŸ˜‰

  9. I’m happy that you like my map Ruinas ^_^
    I’m sorry for the typos, i will try a best translation in the next version (or i will say to a friend that translate it, lol xDDDDD )


    I’ve suffered the corrupt sprites bug again, but now I have paused the game and I can write about it with detail. It happened at the Spiral TD map, just at the beggining of the sheep round. Minimap, tower sprites and (Build, Cancel) buttons sprites became corrupted.

    But the most interesting thing about it is what is appearing in the minimap; a sequence of symbols. It’s something like this (I hope it doesn’t get unformatted when I post, if it does i’ll send you an email with it):

    ! ” # $ \
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? :
    ? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
    7 8 9 ? ? ? ? ?
    ? ? A B C D E F
    G A I J R ? ? ?
    ^The last file appears just outside the border of
    the minimap.

    The ? means that i wasn’t able to decipher the symbol.

    I hope it helps, Noda. I’ll keep trying every version of this great game πŸ˜‰

  11. Sorry about this double post: I forgot to mention that the circle rounding the unit you’re selecting is buggy too. New towers built after the bug look normal, but when I select them they appear as a bigger corrupted sprite. They come back to normal after selecting another tower. The same happens with monsters.

  12. works on r4 now, don’t know it’s mentioned before, but there are graphic gitches for spiral TD.

  13. this in freaking awesome!!
    love your homebrew noda!

  14. Have a look at Deshis Spiral TD πŸ˜‰
    It took me very long to balance.. But I now think it’s pretty hard but beatable, just what you want a TD to be πŸ˜‰ so have a look ^^

  15. Noda, 2 features requests that i hope are in the works are saving scores and online (multiplayer?) high scores. Like, when ever i beat a map, my high score is posted somewhere…?

  16. can’t seem to run it on my SC lite micro SD
    /maps folder not found.. pls help.. thanks..

  17. >Have a look at Deshis Spiral TD πŸ˜‰
    >It took me very long to balance.. But I now think it’s pretty hard
    >but beatable, just what you want a TD to be πŸ˜‰ so have a look ^^

    I already added this map to the release package, that’s enough to say that it’s a very well done map with great balance, I actually enjoyed it a lot πŸ™‚

    >Noda, 2 features requests that i hope are in the works are saving
    >scores and online (multiplayer?) high scores. Like, when ever i
    >beat a map, my high score is posted somewhere…?

    All those features request will be taken into consideration later, as for now I have tons of things to add, and I have to fix this nasty corruption bug also.

    >can’t seem to run it on my SC lite micro SD
    >/maps folder not found.. pls help.. thanks..

    Please read the “how to use” notes. You need to copy the “maps” folder on the root of your card.

  18. I have decided to update my blog with all the maps of your games!! I have the description and 1 screen or 2 for some maps!


  19. i couldnt get it to work on my sclite either as mention by bon “/maps folder not found”. I already try putting the maps folder on the root of my card.Still no luck…Any help??

  20. Nevermind…just solve the problem. I was using the rom from _PAFS version which couldnt find the map folder but when i try copying the rom from _FAT version to my sclite. Everything works just fine. Oh yeah dont forget to copy the may folder to the card. Hope that clear things up..

  21. I have a SC SD Firmware 1.70 and none of the versions are working. When i use _Fat version i get “FAT init error” when selecting a map and _PAFS i get “/maps folder not found”. I had the maps folder in the root of the card when i ran the fat version…Any ideas?

  22. Thanks for the feedback! Now I feel like I gave something back for this great game ^^

  23. good work noda it becomes more and more enjoyable keep the work up ^^
    the maps are also great ^^

  24. >I made the map Blizzard TD. Great you like it. I would like to
    >send you the tileset, but I don`t know your email. You could also
    >write a mail to me, I would answer then.

    I sent you an email to the adress you gave in this post, still no reply :/

  25. does the TD work on an emulator?
    if yes, witch one?
    thx, and greez BL00dy

  26. Yes, with desmume (use pafs version)

  27. Wow nice game, I played this for like 3 hours straight last night :p

    I was wondering if there might be any possibility of seeing the source code for the file browser? I would like to add a nice file browser to my programs, but it seems quite complex.

  28. congratulation for your 7th place in the DrunkenCoders competition !
    I have a new version for my ” Hellgate Keeper’s ” ( v0.4b ),
    ( Noda, look at player advance please ^^ ) now there is no bug for the final waypoint and some bugs are corrected !
    Thank you very much for this game !

  29. I’ve made a new version of my map too. 3 new rounds and I balanced it so it’s more difficult now πŸ˜‰

  30. ^^ thank you very much for your game ! I am sorry for your website which must be update often because there are a lot of maps, : P I have a new version of my map ( which you will play near Saturday, so be prepared πŸ˜€ ! ) ( Hellgate Keeper’s v0.5b ).
    – More towers ( now nearly 16 and one of them is a Poison Tower ).
    – More Rounds ( now nearly 16 ) so more monsters.
    – Map design is better.
    – More balance.
    So I think is better !
    Bye !
    ( I like your Map Mat πŸ™‚ )

  31. For Great TD
    – More Towers
    – More Rounds
    – Trigger
    – Map Design
    – Balance
    – Tower Motion
    – More Big Missile Size

  32. It Works in SC Rumble?

  33. no, sorry ^^ ! but I hope it one day !
    Bye !

  34. ++++++++ Very NICE!!!!

  35. http://noda.free.fr/wtd/ftp/maps/IceTD_v0.200729195217.tdm

    New version of Ice TD

  36. Oups, just noticed a bug in my version


    now it should be fine^^

  37. For the corrupted sprites bug : it appears, for me, at 2 moments :

    – at the beginning of a round exactly where the 1st monster appears (the most of the time)
    – at the very beginning of a round (rarely)

    Some maps tends to trigger the bug far more than others.

  38. Me the bug happen when i sell a tower when the round is coming. Maybe the tower is attacking too.

  39. This new version only get white screens on Supercard Rumble!

  40. I also have rumble problem with devkirPro r20. I don’t think it is PA lib because the libnds example “combined” works fine on my Supercard SD but not on my Supercard Lite Rumble.

  41. heyyyy i need HELP PLZ I DOWNLOAD IT AND WHEN I CLICK SOLO IT SAY “FAT INI error” i download the map but would work help plz i am using r4ds e-mail me =)

  42. Patch the nds file with the R4 dldi driver

  43. hmmmm pm plz? and tell me.. cuz i download the dldi and i dont know what to do………

  44. Well, If anyone can find a way to make this work on SuperCard DS (One) I’d appreciate it. I made a map for it but I wanna check out how it will play on an actual DS to make sure it works before I submit it.

    I have the dldi.exe and the scds.dldi file ( not sure if this is the one for this card specifically ) but it doesn’t patch because there is no patcher heading.

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to make this work and can explain it, coz I wanna get into homebrew but I’m extremely new to it and don’t really know much of anything about it.

    Thanks in advance! ^^

  45. Try with the DLDI Patcher GUI, or look at the tutorial on Chism’ DLDI page on how to apply the patch πŸ˜‰

  46. Hello


  47. Any chances of making a build with the r19 devkit version for us, poor supercard rumble users?

  48. It’s not possible as the DKP r19 doesn’t include the latest fatlib functions I’m using…

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