Sprite corruption…

After searching in my code for a long time trying to find the source of the sprite corruption problem, I came to a conclusion as I found nothing suspicious : The problem may be caused by the PALib Create/Delete sprite function which at some point causes some problems in the sprite memory that cause the corruption.

So, I will rewrite entirely the sprite system to more flexible one which doesn’t make use of these functions, hoping to get rid of this problem. Anyways, the sprite system needed to be reworked before adding multiplayer, so it will also prepare the ground for that 😉


~ by Noda on 10 February, 2007.

6 Responses to “Sprite corruption…”

  1. So, the sprites will change or your just re-writting the code?

  2. Having a blast so far, only on rare occasions to the sprites become corrupted so not a real big issue (for me). Can’t wait to see multiplayer and options working 😉

    By the way, where did you get the tile sets for the editor? Did you create them yourself, rip them from the original game? I’m in the midst of making my own map and was wondering if there are any other tile sets out on the internet.

  3. >So, the sprites will change or your just re-writting the code?

    Just rewritting the code.

  4. Excellent, mate. Continue supporting this project! It’s already got my vote for best homebrew _EVAR_, and the inclusion of other options (multiplayer, specifically) would be superb.

    This whole Sprite problem is one that I ran into one time, but then just kinda dissapeared quickly afterwards. If someone hadn’t mentioned it on this site, then I doubt I would’ve even noticed it. But, at the same time, it’s nice to see that you want this to be flawless.

    I’m probably going to start working on a map, sometime soon. It’s probably going to be based off of a TD that’s in the game (probably Zoater, or NoobKiller), so, hopefully that’ll make for a fun multiplayer experience when you get that going.

  5. If there is a Zoator TD, this would be super!
    Noda, i’m sure that your homebrew is better than other commercial game. I really support you and I hope that you will bring frequent upgrades!

  6. Wicked game man. Keep up the good work.

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