Competition started :)

The vote for the best NDS game of the Neoflash compo has started, and as you may know, I’m participating to this compo with the latest version of WTD 🙂

If you like my game, please vote for me on this page (note that you need to be registered to vote).

Thanks for your support 😉

Edit: There is also 2 other sites where you can vote for my game 🙂 DCEmu and Emuboard, go for it! ^^
Thanks to Dustin/Elessar for pointing this 😉

And remember that the vote will close on the 31th of March!


~ by Noda on 22 March, 2007.

16 Responses to “Competition started :)”

  1. I voted 🙂

  2. I signed up just to vote for ya 😉

  3. Noda, you might want to add the following (with links);

    “this vote will auto clost at March.31 2007
    if you are the last compo winner,you can make your judgment and send to Dr.neo by forum PM,we will use it to calculate score for each entry.

    and you can vote the neo compo at our Compo partner site too,
    one is , other one is, we will collect all 3 sites vote for make the last judgement.”

  4. Je vais voter pour toi mon ami^^

  5. merci 😉

  6. J’espère que tu gagneras, dommage que mon M3 ait rendu l’âme..

  7. How to use the rom in supercard rumble?

  8. you know I’m votin once my account is up 😉

  9. oops, too late 😦

  10. where do you go to get the emulaters that make warcraft tower work plz any one tell me my email is

  11. well for know ill just look at other homebrew games plz help

  12. hi ~ my english isn’t so good, i hope that what’s my meaning is ^^
    i’m come from HK,,, dont u know where’s HK @@?
    I’discover your game in some forum, i really like it !
    it’s very fantastic ! i am waiting for your new version which within multiplayer ^^ !

    Big support from Asia, China, Hong Kong !

  13. I forget to tell you,,,
    I’ve registed the neoflash forum and vote you for the best game ^^

  14. Excellent Jeu !

  15. i cant play multyplayer?!!!?!?!?!?!!!?!

  16. No you can’t, don’t you read news ?!

    Félicitations en tout cas, ça déchire vraiment, trop impatient de voir une nouvelle version, t’imagines pas, bon courage !

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