Forum issues

The forum is temporarily disabled, I’m currently installing an anti-spam mod because a lot of those junk bots went there the last days.

Sorry for the convenience, it will come back soon 😉


~ by Noda on 2 April, 2007.

43 Responses to “Forum issues”

  1. smart move, a lot of forums can lose people cuzz of spam bots… they annoy the hell out of me. 😦

  2. Peace people
    We love you

  3. hurry! 😉

  4. considering there is no forum I can ask for help, Ill do it here.
    My NDSWTD doesnt recognize the maps directory, in my flash root..
    The game starts, but when I enter the “solo” thing there are no maps, just a “FAT init error !” message
    so? help? hehe

  5. Are you using a Slot-1 solution? FAT is for slot-1’s and that means you have to patch the .nds FAT file with the DLDI patcher.

  6. This is going to sound stupid, but i patched the rom with the patcher, but it still produces the same error “FAT init error. A;so where do i put the maps folder, it says the root folder, but where could you clarify this further.

  7. The ‘root’ is simple the first screen you see after opening your microSD or whatever type of card you use. Lets assume yours is drive E:, this is where you would place the maps folder.

  8. Yea i tried that, but im still getting the error, maybe im patching it with the wrong patch?

  9. Actually i found the problem, i am using the M3 simply, when i had read the compatibility thing, i had skipped over the m3 simply and read the one of the M3 lite. My mistake, sorry for the trouble, i was really interested in playing the game

  10. I have an R4 and i am having the same problem as the guy above. i put the “Maps” folder into the root and then i patched the .nds file and when i click solo it just freezes at maps and no maps appear. any help would be much appreciated

  11. same here : “FAT init error !”in the map browser, however, the .nds file is patched with the good dldi patch ??!

    Another idea ?

  12. i have a ninjapass x9 with a 1gig kingston jap same error as above with the ninjapass x9 dldi patch ill try the newer patcher and newer wctd files, but most dldi dosnt work with the kingston 1 gig jap yet 🙂 the next loader should have full support

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  14. well perhaps someone here might be able to help. I’m trying to use the PAFS ds.gba version of the game on my EZFlash 1 256Mb card. The game will load fine but once I click solo, it goes to the map screen and freezes. When I tried the FAT version, it froze for about 10 seconds and then gave me the standard FAT system error. How long am I actually supposed to wait before the maps load… or am I missing something.

  15. I use a M3 Simply (Which is the same product as an R4) and I have no problem at all! And I love it too…Weird that you are getting these errors…

  16. same fat ini error I got. I have a supercard and superkey. game started ok, click on Solo, no map loaded.any ideas

  17. For all the supercard users here.
    U need to download the DLDI from this link this is a new DLDI for the Supercard.
    The new DLDI will solve the “no fat” problem.
    Patch the file in the “fat” folder and play :D.

  18. Noda,
    I have had my NDS Lite for around 4 months now. Starting to do a bit of programming on it. I was wondering if you are looking for any help on this project. I’m interested in starting my own, but would like to ease into it first. If you had some features you would like implemented that aren’t critical or you don’t have time for yourself I wouldn’t mind taking a stab at it. Let me know please.

    I know it can be hassle getting other people involved, but I’m serious about it. You can email me with my address or send me a message through the contact page of my website. Couldn’t find your email anywhere so I’m just leaving a message here.

  19. Hey Noda, where are you? This blog seems a bit dead without your updates 😛 Hope you’re ok, only post here to give again my support for the project. Thanks for all the work.

  20. I’m still here, just working on big side projects 😉
    And these side projects will be a base for a whole new rewritten version…

    WTD is not dead, don’t worry 🙂

  21. 😀 Awesome. Thanks for the fast reply and good luck
    with that new project.

  22. hey you great guy, are you still alive?

  23. very smart =)

  24. the maps are also disabled 😦

  25. ? you can still post new maps using the form on the ‘maps’ section.

  26. Homies!,

    So I’m looking for some good online [url=]strategy guides[/url] and
    the one I found was, you guys know any other good ones? That’d be
    a lot of help. I’m basically a HUGE n00b. Thanks guys 🙂


  27. What happened to this game? Why are there no more updates?

  28. The game is paused for now. I’m quite busy with other things actually, so the next update won’t be soon… But there will be one 😉

  29. Oh alright, thanks. Love the game, can’t wait for another update 😀

  30. you heard it here. “there will be on;)”.. there WILL be one..
    i can’t wait.. excellent work Noda.
    now if i could only get all the hours back that ive spent playing this at work…
    screw it.. i still get paid for it as long as they don’t catch me 😉

  31. Hi !! Is somebody knows where to find some new maps ?? Thanx 4 this amazing game !!! 😉

  32. I have A r4 +microsd I just put the “Maps” folder in the root then presto! i see the maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):) P.S hope this helps!!:)

  33. iunno wat to doooo T_T i have an m3 simply.. and when i run the game, it just tells me FAT init error!… wat do i dooo T_T

  34. Hello! Help solve the problem.
    Very often try to enter the forum, but says that the password is not correct.
    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
    Thank you!

  35. Hi, i don’t really understand how to use DLDI patch for the gamefiles..

    Can someone help me get it fixed?

  36. Can someone tell me how to create a map?
    like a tutorial video on youtube??

  37. and by the way: this game is awsome!

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  43. thank you 😛

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