A french man in Québec

It’s been a month now that have my headquarters in Montréal, time to go for something more serious (too much parties here ^^)!

Unfortunately, I’m not going to have as free time as expected, and a friend who was supposed to come with me (and with its DS by the way…) is not here, so I have only 1 DS here, it will be quite more difficult to have multiplayer ready in time… 😦

But surely WTD is not dead, and I’ll try to put out some release before the end of the year! And as I’m making an NDS project around the 3D hardware of the DS for my Image Synthesis course, maybe it will result in something useful for the game, who knows…


~ by Noda on 30 September, 2007.

35 Responses to “A french man in Québec”

  1. Cool! Looking forward to a 3D version of WTD. When you say multiplayer, do you mean local wifi or internet? You could test internet wifi multiplayer with one of your loyal fans, you know *hint hint*.

  2. lol, I’m happy to see a news here :p

  3. I know I didn’t gave many news recently, but I’ll try to change that as soon as I’m back on the development 😉

  4. Bonne chance!
    Je l’attend avec impatience :p
    Multijoueur WIFI ou Local?

  5. great to see the projekt is not dead =)

  6. keep it up man 😀

  7. Hearing all that multiplayer stuff…
    Is it technical possible to have singel pak play included in a homebrew?
    And if so, would you implement it?^^
    Because im the onlyone in my circle of friends who has a flashlinker for his ds…

  8. Good luck Noda 🙂

  9. Vivement la fin de l’année alors, bon courage 🙂

  10. Just to know, wich school/university are you Noda?^^
    Because I’m living in Montreal :p

  11. I’m at the UdeM, and I live near Cotes des Neiges 😉

  12. 😮
    C’est proche de chez moi sa 😉

  13. I need help. I don’t understand the part, copying Maps into the root of my microSD. i got no problem loading the game, but after i pressed solo. there’s FAT int error, instead of maps. can you email me at cheerfulboi_92@hotmail.com


    p.s it will be best if you include some secreenshots

  14. Noda, can you please update my version of Ice TD in the map section ? because it’s written 0.4 and now and it’s 0.6b^^


  15. He’s dead… QQ

  16. Definitely not, but I don’t have the time I expected from being here, so there’s no news for the moment…

  17. Now he’s dead! QQ

  18. updates????

  19. Free time???

    Please, I’m under heavy workload for now, and I’m working on other DS project, but still I haven’t forgotten this one, and I’ll update it when I’ll have some free time.

  20. Lol, don’t worry, we are just teasing you
    Maybe you can just make a news to explain that you are busy right now…

  21. I love Warcraft: Tower Defense. Multiplayer + Wifi would be freakin awesome!! Also making the graphics a little more cleaned up would make this a freakin awesome ds homebrew game.

  22. don’t let us get you down. the demand for the update means you’ve made a great game that lots of people are interested in. lots of kudos to you for doing it.

  23. wow, its almost been 3 months since or so since the last release of warcraft right?

  24. are you dead yet?

  25. Haha, interesting what other DS project are you working on? Is it a secret? So I guess no release before the end of the year then? Shame, dota allstars had also planned for a Christmas release but it still needs testing so they’re releasing it later. Double wc3 delayage! Good luck with life and everything.

  26. ahh okay just that there was quite a number of posts here and I thought it was dead or whatever lol.. glad to hear a reply and sorry didn’t know u was busy, just thought you forgotten about this project~ btw this game is a greater value when other games die down, it has a good replay value =)

  27. “release before the end of the year”

  28. “I’ll try […]” :/

  29. Ca commence à etre long :p
    vers la fin de lk’hiver , ça veut dire février au maximum, faudrait t’y mettre!

  30. Keep up the hard work m8, love this game , good job!

  31. Do any of you get the new message…? looks like random numpad bashing with a lotta 3s and 6s to me

  32. /English Down/
    ca me fait rire ceux qui postent : c long … fin fevrier … faudrait t’y mettre :p

    Faites le vous ^^

    plus sérieusement, prend on temps et fais nous plaisir comme d’hab !!
    Merci du taf !

    english :
    It makes me smile wheni read comment like : you’d better hurry ….
    Do it yourself if you’r in a hurry ^^

    Keep your time and give us a fun release as usual ^^

    Thanks for the job

  33. it would be awesome if there was Multiplayer cuz u can team up and like have 2 defenses at once . But remeber u should take ur time in making multiplayer and V0.5

    Kudos -Vic55

  34. yes man good work continue that very nice project



  35. afafafffafa2325222

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