That’s it


Hint: 2 times is better


~ by Noda on 21 January, 2008.

35 Responses to “That’s it”

  1. huh?

  2. Err, what? There seems to be a pattern, but I’m too lazy to figure it out. Or it’s just random numpad bashing, with a bias toward 3 and 6.

  3. Hmm, just testing logins to see how it works. I use wordpress too, but I don’t like having a blog because it feels too limited. But it’s nice to use my account for posting on other blogs.

  4. sms ?

  5. uhh… does it mean smile?

  6. I figure that this is some bit of code, and you are making it work better for the upcoming release, maybe its wishful thinking, but WOOT

  7. huh? wtf? script?

  8. if you cut each 2 characters, you can se that there is a lot of 30’s

    37 34 36 38 36 35 32 30 36 45 36 35 37 37 32 30
    37 32 36 35 36 43 36 35 36 31 37 33 36 35 32 30
    36 39 37 33 32 30 36 39 36 45 32 30 37 34 36 38
    36 35 32 30 37 37 36 46 37 32 36 42 32 43 32 30
    37 37 36 39 36 43 36 43 32 30 36 32 36 35 32 30
    37 32 36 35 36 31 36 34 37 39 32 30 37 33 36 46
    36 46 36 45

    looks like some ASCII but it’s not

  9. multiply the number by 2?

  10. 37343638363532303645363537373230
    That’s the thing copied twice… still doesn’t help.

  11. 74687276727064607290727074746460
    Each line multiplied by two… just throwing it out there if someone can figure it out.

  12. Do you need to convert each number into hex (x2), then into ASCII?

  13. The “Hint: 2 times is better” means do the conversion twice. Convert the original Hex, and then take the result and input that as hex. The message is something along the lines of:
    “the new release hs in the work, will be ready soon”
    I presume that the “hs” may be a typo by me. To use the word of the year 2007, w00t!

  14. convert once ->
    74 68 65 20 6E 65 77 20
    72 65 6C 65 61 73 65 20
    69 73 20 69 6E 20 74 68
    65 20 77 6F 72 6B 2C 20
    77 69 6C 6C 20 62 65 20
    72 65 61 64 79 20 73 6F
    6F 6E

    convert twice ->
    the new release is in the work, will be ready soon

    NEED :p

  15. cool :p =)

  16. i cant freaking WAIT for the new release, i mean, multiplayer? WOOOOOOOOOOOOT

  17. whats it mean?

  18. lol

  19. OMG nice! This is going to be the best homebrew update ever, and something we’ve been waiting for for a long time. I think if this has 3D models I will explode, and same if there’s multiplayer. I just wish I had more than one friend with a homebrew device.

  20. hope it comes out soon xD

  21. :/

  22. :/ i cant w8 for an update

  23. The new version was ready, but it’s now slighly delated due to bugs with the latest PALib update. I’m gonna fix that shortly. Just to know, no 3D or multiplayer in this one, I’ll explain why when it’s released.

  24. Thanks Noda! DO WANT! 😀

  25. Haaaa Noda j’espère que ce sera compatible avec les M3 Real ! Je meurt d’envie de jouer à ton homebrew >< …

  26. Sweet, thanks. I just can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it then. This week has been great for warcraft fans, first the 1.21b nocd patch, then the DotA 6.50 update and now this!

  27. >>>> XcS

    Pour le m3Real
    Lance DSOrganise, puis lance WTD depuis DSOrganiose, surprise… ca marche … (mais ne sauvegarde rien)

    PS : Pour le coup, je capte pas pkoi il ne marche pas en natif.
    Viviment la suite

  28. C’est bizarre DcK j’avais déjà essayé de cette maniére pourtant oO.
    Merci de l’info en tout cas, je m’en vais essayer tout à l’heure …

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