Release soon…

The beta-test for the 0.5 version has finally started!

I could not implement everything I wanted, but the essential was done. Still, as I’ve said in the previous post comments, there’s no multiplay. I’ll make an explanation on that point when I’ll release the next version…

BTW, Happy Valentine’s day to my love, Erika 🙂 (even though it’s still 13/02 here in Québec ^^)

PS: As it was explained in the comments, the hidden message in my previous post was “the new release is in the work, will be ready soon” 😉


~ by Noda on 14 February, 2008.

19 Responses to “Release soon…”

  1. Yay! Is this a closed beta, or can we test it?

  2. cant w8!

  3. ibrahim> only my selected beta testers can access it, to avoid people complaining about bugs and problems like card corruption, etc..

  4. Will it work with the m3 Real or it’s a firmware problem ? (i can lanch TD0.4 with DSOrganize only)

    Merci pour le taff accompli dans tout les cas.

  5. Awesome. Can’t wait to try out the new version. I would be up for being a regular beta tester if you are looking for more. I have an NDS Lite with Supercard Lite (microSD) and Super Key. If you don’t have someone testing that yet, let me know.

  6. Ah, that’s understandable, knowing how people tend to whine about bugs. I’ll wait patiently for the release then, and if you need anyone testing R4 then I can do that hehe.

  7. Great job!

  8. …………………………………………..ok?

  9. will it release in february? 😦
    and what are the changes? 🙂

  10. Hey Noda, im having troubles loading it in DS Organize i neeed to find a patched version of DS Organize can u help? I wonder why it toke so long to release this ?? V.05? V.04 was like 10 months ago

  11. Oh yeah when i get money imma donate cuz this is such a good game that every1 talking about and i personally love Tower Defense

  12. Noda i wanna imform u of my Warcraft Tower Defense Help Page
    so if u wanna can u put this on the Links>?

  13. This homebrew is made of win and epic. Thanks Noda 😉

  14. man, i liked starlite before it was shut down

    this is the only “blizzard” alternative for ds

  15. Arg pourquoi je l’ai pas eu!!! Je veux, en plus t’as posté une de mes cartes sur ton site sans prévenir :p ( je m’en fous mais bon )….

  16. hi
    my great thanks to a true hero…superb work.

  17. yes thanks for making such an awesome mod ! 🙂

  18. Great job for World of Warcraft gaming thanks!World of Porncraft

  19. hey nice thx

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