Sad news :-(

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it in time. I’m leaving next week, and won’t have any more time to work on it. Since it will be quite a long time now before I’ll be able to develop this hombrew, I’m unsure about the fact that I may finish it someday.

In a few days, the full source code of the last version will be released. I’ll also try to put out a fixed release with works with M3/G6 real, since I know a way to bypass the problem with those cards.

Now a little explanation on this sad ending: in the end, I nearly got the 200$ needed, but way too late… But that not the only problem I had. Even when I didn’t had the donations for, I ordered a 2nd flashcard because I know it take some time to receive it from those online sellers. Unfortunately, there was stock problems (even though it was said to be available..) and I received it only last week. And without the microsd card I bought with 😦 When I saw it would take some time to gather all the money, I decided to follow the advices in some comments and went out to check for used DS. I spent a full afternoon asking in all used stuff shops I could find, none had a DS (some had PSP, but no DS..). Even with those failures, I decided to go on and start programming, but after having added all the gfx needed for the lobby, I realized the memory used by those would cause problems in-game, since it’s *really* tight in memory. To make it work, I had to recode all a major part of the gfx in GIF format (easy), but also rewrite the whole way gfx are managed in the menu and in-game (not enough time for..). And on top of that, the USB key where the lobby gfx paint shop pro files were died, and I don’t know why :s Still I started thinking about the multiplay comm protocol and came with lots of ideas, with some I think doable in the short time I had. But the memory problem was still here, all needed some amount of free memory, which wasn’t available. And rewriting the whole game engine obviously wasn’t an option. Still, I came up with more ideas (simplying though the multiplay modes and working) which can work within the free memory range I had, but I didn’t had enough time to make it. Exams, homework and my big school project which I was late on had reason of my remaining free time 😦

I really would like to give many thanks to all donators and everyone who supported this project since its creation, without you I don’t think I could had pushed this homebrew so far.

I feel really bad to not being able to catch up to everyone’s hope concerning multiplay, and to tell the truth, this was my main goal since the creation of this game. I’m really disappointed to end this project without it… Though, since the source will be made public soon (be warned though, it was my first DS game experience, and the code is not really clean), maybe someone will continue working on it.

Thanks again for your support, I had a great fun making this game.


~ by Noda on 20 April, 2008.

33 Responses to “Sad news :-(”

  1. Thanks for all of your hard work Noda to allow all of us to have the warcraft tower defense experience on the DS. Good Luck and all the best in the future with your studies. =]
    Hopefully someone else picks this project up so we’re able to play the multiplayer version.

  2. I’m so sad to see this… oh well, as the other guy said, Good luck on your studies!

  3. Merci pour tout Noda, et bonne chance pour la suite !

  4. Thanks as well. It is one of my favourite homebrew games and I always have it on my card.

  5. Bawlz

  6. Thanks so much for the BEST NDS HOMEBREW GAME EVER MADE! Hope you do really good with studies and all that, maybe one day you can come back and start the project again? Anyway it’s gonna stay on my card forever until I replace my DS but still thanks so much. Gonna miss your work, I jsut hope I could keep the project goin but I have no clue on how to do coding. Good luck 🙂

  7. Great game…so sad it’s ending. Good luck in studying.
    Noda, if you ever have time, you can put up a internet high score board on the internet.
    🙂 :]

  8. don’t worry about it. good luck on your exams and school projects. I used to slack off in school and do programming stuff instead too when I was a student. and now I’m doing the same in work. lulz.

    thanks for the tower defense game, and don’t let school get in the way of your education!

  9. good luck with ur studies Noda!! long live the greatest homebrew nds game ever!!!! hmm, actually, noe where a total noob (me)might be able to get their hands on sum online tutorials? on programming i mean. so that i might be able to continue the legacy? ;D lols. i just find it really cool that before stumbling across this gem in the internet, i really took for granted all the coding and work thats been done with this. neways, thank you NODA!

  10. thank you noda! I wish you much fun on your New school and i think in a Fee years you will find your own Sourcecode again and you will finish it because you cant sleep if you think about it. Its your baby and it will be for ever!
    Thanks from germany! We love your game!

  11. great work, though, Noda

    and good luck with your studies

    i hope that someday someone will make this game even better

  12. Thank’s for all Noda.

  13. I haven’t followed this project closely, but upon revisting for the latest version I discovered it was being discontinued.

    Noda, as a big fan of open source software, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all your fans for making the source code to your project available, allowing the project to live on.

    I wish you all the best. 🙂


  15. Hopefully someone continues the project, i wish patlib was easy to learn, id pick it up myself. Sadly looks way to hard.

    But thanks so much for having done so much already Noda

  16. Thank you for all the hard work you putted in this project, i really enjoy the game and hope you or maybe an other person will continue programming this game, I’ll hope so! MUCH luck with your studies!

    Thanks from The Netherlands!


  17. Thanks. A lot. This is my favourite DS game, I have M3/G6 real and it works good. So sad you can’t make multiplay, but the singleplay is enough awesome for me.
    You’ve done SO SO SO good work, and, with the editor you made, I can play the game very far, test all possibilities. Thanks.

  18. thanks noda this is the greatest nds homebrew ever will stay forever in my cart and no one can delete it

  19. thanks noda for all the hardwork you put to make the greatest nds homebrew.if i know programming i can pick this project but i cant learn

  20. ive been a great fan of nds warcraft tower defense.i wish someone continues it.thanks and good luck on your studies

  21. Thanks noda this is the best game on my ds and i spend all the time playing it:P anyway we love u noda and u will become popular like Icefrog some day:)

  22. Hi! I thought your blog was cool and will visit often. In the meantime I can recommend wow first aid guide.

  23. well good luck this game is still really good with or without multiplayer, every thing looks amazing on the game

  24. hallo schööö

  25. jaa

  26. findsch auch höhööhööhöööööö *-*

  27. i think john wayne is spam, i just discovered your game and i thank you for the effort you made, has anyone picked this project up?

  28. that’s such a dumb lie iv seen before. he just didn’t want to finish it

  29. thanks for the game. I want to write a homebrew same you but my skill is not good. I’ll try.

  30. i am a huge fan of warcraft td and im glad to see that somone has put it on also made te map editer so easy to use that iv even moded it for unique games of td.

    keep up the good work there! 😉

  31. oh yeah and im willing to help ya out with the ds but im broke now..
    kinda of a finantual crises..(mothers day)but when i have money ill be sure to sent u some!

    go warcraft TD!!!!

  32. where can i put the .Net. 2.0 my nds said that thing is needed but i dont know where i can put it?

  33. good luck

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