Here is a full compatibility list of my homebrew with currently available flashcards. If you card isn’t listed here or its compatibility is marked as unknown, please leave a comment with your results. Also, feel free to report any errors on this list.

Slot-2 carts:

  • Any GBA Flashcart : works with PAFS (use .ds.gba)
  • Supercard CF/SD/Mini SD : works with PAFS and FAT without patching (use .sc.nds)
  • Supercard Lite : works with PAFS (use sc.nds) and FAT without patching (use .nds) [note that some new models have problems with either included and DLDI driver, due to a change in the chip]
  • Supercard Rumble (All) : works with PAFS (use sc.nds) [limited to 4Mb] and FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds) // update your firmware to the latest version!
  • M3 Perfect CF/SD : works with PAFS (use .ds.gba) and FAT without patching (use .nds or .ds.gba)
  • M3 Lite : works with PAFS (use ds.gba) and FAT without patching (use .nds or .ds.gba)
  • G6 (All) : works with PAFS (use ds.gba) and FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)
  • EZ-Flash IV : works with PAFS (use .ds.gba)
  • EZ-Flash IV Deluxe : works with FAT without patching (use .nds)
  • EZ-Flash IV Compact Lite : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .sc.nds and change the extension to .bin)
  • GBA Movie Player CF/SD : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)
  • Max Media Launcher : works, with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds), but you need to load it with DSOrganize.

Slot-1 carts:

  • DS-Xtreme : works with FAT without patching (use .nds) [require firmware 1.02 or greater]
  • M3 Simply/R4 : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)
  • Supercard DS : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)
  • EZ-Flash V : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)
  • DS Link : does not work, there’s a problem with the DLDI driver
  • Acekard+ : unknown
  • NinjaDS/MicroNinja : works with FAT without patching (use .nds)
  • Ninjapass X9 : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)
  • Game ‘n’ Music card : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)

248 Responses to “Compatibility”

  1. I have microninja and works perfectly without pacht

  2. Is it possible to support EWIN2 flash card? Thanks!

  3. can’t seem to run it using SC lite microsd.. pafs version reports /maps not found

    please help.. i really like this game.. thanks..

  4. >Is it possible to support EWIN2 flash card? Thanks!

    just test it, and tell me your result

  5. It works on Ninjapass X9 using a card that has DLDI compability.

  6. Thanks for your reports 😉

  7. I have issues with beta 3 on the M3 Simply card
    (I patched it) but the stylus is not working

  8. use latest 0.31 version.

  9. HAve testing with Supercard Lite rumbel.
    It Dos not work. Not fat nds oder pafs version.
    Plz Help

  10. Did you DLDI-patched it? As stated for Supercard Lite, some recent ones have new chips which don’t work with current standard & DLDI driver :\ can’t do anything about that, if it is your case you have to wait the supercard team to release a fixed DLDI driver, sorry 😦

    Maybe you could try the PAFS version using the .sc.nds, it should work it the total size of the binary (map included) does not exceed 4Mb.

  11. “M3 Simply/R4 : works with FAT with DLDI patching (use .nds)”

    What do you mean by “works with fat”? And how to DLDI patch something? (I’m a noob, you see) I would be glad if somebody helped me with these two things. /takaharu

  12. Not working here with Max Media Dock (V0.31b FAT, Firmware 1.22, DLDI Patch V1.23). DLDI Patch was applied successfully. Other DLDI patched homebrew works without any problems. Both .nds file and Maps directory in root. Just shows the firmware screen and freezes.

  13. Try using .sc.nds

  14. Just the same result when using .sc.nds. In the compatibility list it is reported that the DLDI patched version will run on the MMD, are any special details known how this was achieved ? I even tried renaming the .nds and .sc.nds as bootme.nds, no success. It seems that the MMD firmware is using some locations in memory even after an application has started, perhaps this prevents Warcraft TD from starting ?

  15. Had tested it with EWIN2 SD card, but it won’t work. I had patched it with DLDI driver downloaded from Chris’s website.


  16. Here is the DLDI I used for EWIN2 SD card:


  17. How to insert the map folder so the game can read it? I’ve tried to simply transfer the map folder to my SD card, but the maps aren’t in the map list. I can open the game. I am using a M3 Simply if that makes a difference.

  18. I have max media dock with a 1 gb slot 2 card and no matter what i do i cant seem to get it working. Every time the bottom screen freezes and the top screen goes black. If any one knows how to fix it please tell me. Thanks…

  19. I have a Max Media Dock also and Ive tried everything. I can’t seem to get it to work. I even tried different dldi’s and still nothing. Im really looking forward to getting to play.

  20. Hmmm, some reported it working with the MMD :/ Maybe those persons could help you to make it running on your card. Also try the version 0.3 (the previous one) with PAFS version (PAFS version is broken in latest release)

  21. yea same here i can’t get my MMD to work

  22. Whoever actually got it to work on MMD could you please tell us how to get it working?

  23. This new version only get white screens on Supercard Rumble!

  24. Hi, I attempted the v.0.3 PAFS and FAT on my MMD. I tried each by themselfs then tried with the dldi patches. After that I attempted to run the .gba files instead of the .nds by changing the file name of the .gba as I have read that this may work. And yet the MMD will still not run this game. When I attempt to open any of the above files by using the MMD The Top Screan logo freezes and I don’t even get as far as to get the white screen error. If anyone knows of a way to get this to work on a MMD feel free to list it here.

  25. how about M3 Lite pro???

  26. The PAFS version is working fine with the emulator desmume 0.6.0 beta builds. It finds the maps and go ingame. But the sound it total chaos.

  27. The sound problem is due to emulator, personally I sticked to v0.4.0 without sound so I don’t get mad during tests 😛

  28. Works on EZflash IV compact lite after using the DLDI patch on the sc.nds (change the extension to .bin)

  29. Thanks, added it to the list 😉

  30. ok im a newb at this but a friend told me to get this and its not working please tell me how to make it do right… i got a
    MAX MEDIA DOCK and a Giga pack im not sure how to use yet i would apreciate all the help ^^ i love Tower defence

  31. I have no clue what any of this means.. a simple walkthrough would be nice

  32. yeah maybe a video walkthrough ^^ for the gamers that dont program but just play and give reviews ^^

  33. I have the G6 Flash and i can’t seem to get it running i was wondering if anyone can give me detailed instruction on how to?


  34. well i got it running but now its saying Folder/maps not (im guessing its maps not found)

  35. When I run it on my MMD both screens go black. Any fix for this? Thanks!


  37. “HOW TO PATCH?”

    I dont get it either… how do I use that wierd patch file?

  38. Well, first of all, you gotta patch it with DLDI. Download the patch and the dldi tool at .

    And I would like to see MMD compatibility, it says it works with MML, but it doesn’t… noticed the comment above, same thing. I’d like to see that fixed.

  39. Can anyone tell me how to get this working on my G6 lite?

  40. I tried patching the Fat file, but still doesnt seem to work

  41. Patch the fat files with the G6 Lite DLDI, then try using .nds and if it does not work, try with .ds.gba or .sc.nds

  42. Getting it to work with an M3 Simply with SD Micro card:

    1. Use the FAT version of the game.
    2. Read the readme file in the FAT game folder.
    3. Patch the TowerDefense.nds file using the R4 DLDI (it must be the R4 file for the Simply, not the M3 as you would expect!):
    4. Copy this patched file to your SD Micro card, and the maps to a folder called MAPS on your SD Micro card.

  43. hey noda im using a supercard and no matter how hard i try the wtd wont read the maps can u give me a step by step intructions oh and next u should make a maze runner with stylus as mouse 😀

  44. hello !

    i’ve got a supercard SD and a superkey, and it doesn’t work with any folder !

    when the game run, the map isn’t founds !
    it make ” folder/ maps not ”

    bon, pour les français, si vous pouvez m’aider :
    j’ai une supercard SD avec un superkey, le jeu marche mais il ne lit aucune map, pourtant le dossier ” MAP ” estt bien dans ma supercard SD, alors je ne comprend pas !

    can you help me ?
    pouvez-vous m’aider please ? lol

  45. Please read the “how to use” txt file…

  46. Hi,

    How can you patch the ninjapass? I downloaded the fatlib but there is no readme text to explain me where I should put what.

    Please help me.

    Thank you!

  47. see here:

  48. Hi there,

    I have a G6 flash card and a first generation DS. I have the same problem as some users here. The rom is perfectly runing using the sc.nds file but, even if i follow the “how to use” instructions, i can’t access any map in the game.

  49. hmmm i download the 4d,dldi u give me but i got a a file that i cant open…. what do u want me to do with that.?..

  50. Just follow the user instructions that are on webpage I gave the link to apply the DLDI patch on the nds binary.

  51. I can’t access the maps using PAFs on my G6 lite, any suggestions?

  52. nevermind i got it to work using Fat files

  53. I use SuperCard Lite. Without patching the FAT version the game launch but i can’t select any maps. With patch on the .sc.nds it works great

  54. My R4 dosn’t work with this game :(…the tough screen and buttons are broken…only the start button works…

  55. 아 에카플에서 안된다고

  56. >My R4 dosn’t work with this game :(…the tough screen and buttons
    >are broken…only the start button works…

    Use version 0.4 and apply the R4 DLDI patch on it, it will solve your problem

  57. I have a serious problem.I patched the latest version with dldi patcher for R4DS and when i “click” solo option,it says :folder maps not

  58. G6 Lite: doesn’t work and I think I’ve tried everything. When I boot the PAFS versions it freezes when the select map screen comes up. When I boot the FAT versions (unpatched) it says something like “Can’t find FAT” and when I DLDI patch them, it says “Map folder not found”. If anyone can make this work on their G6 Lite, I’d appreciate any help! Thanks!

  59. Best Homebrew game by a mile. One of the top ten best ds games ever!. Great job. But please on the next version please make itso that you only need one space between the towers for the monsters to fit through. It would make it alot easier to build mazes. Anso puting a rocky surface under all the buildings you build would make it easier to tell where your buildings are when making mazes. thats what they have in warcraft 3. Anyway thanks for the GREAT game and i hope you release more versions. 🙂

  60. Cant get it to work on R4,it says, fat init erro

  61. How to DLDI PATCH?

    To all who got the “FAT INIT” problem, go to and get the DLDI patcher + the *.dldi which is correct for your homebrew device (I’ve got M3 DS Simply, and used the one for R4, r4tf.dldi). Next, open up cmd (start > run > cmd), and go to the folder (in cmd) where you have the correct TowerDefense.* file + the correct *.dldi file + the DLDI patcher program. Write “dldi .dldi TowerDefense” (without “”), in my case “dldi r4tf.dldi TowerDefense”.

    Well, and then to all of you experiencing “Folder map not found” or anything like that. Just move the “Maps” folder to the ROOT of your card, even though if you f.ex. have the game file in root\Warcraft\TowerDefense.NDS or something like that. ALWAYS put the maps file in the root of the card. This should be the solution of your problems=)

    Good Luck!

  63. I’m posting another plea for help with the Max Media Dock. Tried everything I can think of but with no success: Top goes blank, Bottom freezes. If anyone knows a solution to this problem PLEASE post a brief how-to. Thanks.

  64. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!! When I open the command prompt, it doesn’t know what “dldi” means, so I can’t do it! This makes me SO ANGRY!

  65. I have a G6 Lite and it is definately not working. I’m not a computer newbie or such, so I believe that I did the steps correctly:
    1) By using the PAFS version, I can run the game, but when I get to “Single Player” it doesn’t display any maps and it freezes.
    2) When using the FAT version, I’ve made sure to patch it correctly using dldi and what I only got was a white screen.

    This is a really great game and it would be sad if we, the G6 Lite users, would be left out in the dark.

  66. Haha just kidding. I forgot to download the DLDITOOL thingy. Oops!

  67. How to dldi patch?

  68. Please remove the MMD from your compatibility list as “working” as it just refuses to work on any MMD around.

  69. I am using moonmedia and it doesn’t seem to work.
    anyone with moon media?

  70. anyone got it to work on MK5?
    It doesn’t work after DIDL patch

  71. Ive tried everything mentioned above and i cant get it to find the maps… I am using M3 adapter, sd mini, dldi patched towerdefense, and i have the maps dir in the root dir :/ plz help…

    blir förbannad

  72. ooops! forgot to mention that i get the FAT init error! in the map selection screen.

    I did that because some people will ask how when someone has said how

    1. Goto and download the WIN 32 GUI remeber GUI patcher
    2. Goto and find your rom card and click the DILI on that line save the file to your C Drive
    3. Open the dlditool32.exe in the patcher folder
    4. Set DILI to your C Drive
    5. In Binires add the rom you want patched
    6. Click patch and your done

  74. News for all MMD-Users:
    I followed Noda´s tip to start Tower Defense with DSOrganize, and it seemed to work. The titlescreen and the main menu appears, but you are unable to do anything, the touchscreen does not work. The DS seems to be NOT crashed as you can see the moving snowflakes in the background of the menu-screen. Any suggestions why everything now is cool but the f****** touchscreen refuses to work ?

  75. How can I run this on PC? With an emulator or how?

  76. It will work with Max Media Launcher if you’ve set DSO to bootme.nds, and use the Chchism (sorry misspell) boot method for it. I haven’t figured out how to pass the menu yet tho! 😛

  77. @Noda: Is it possible to realize compatibility with the Max Media Dock ? As far as I know it is a common flashcard, so it would be very cool to be able to use TD with it.

  78. I don’t have one and I don’t know what’s wrong with this flashcard, so for now I can’t, sorry

  79. @Noda: What about a special version of TD which does debug ouput and creates a logfile which could be analyzed ?

  80. Can someone expalin ot me step by step how to put the maps in the root file i dont get it

  81. Ok i have datels games n music for nds i can get the game to load but when i go to solo it says maps/folder not or something like that can sum one pls help me ?

  82. Hi.

    I really do prefer putting my files in the folders I want, to have a nice order and everything.

    And having to put a “Maps” directory in the root folder is… a little ugly ^^

    For a next update, it would be better to rename the Maps directory into something like WarCraft Tower Defense, or let the user choose not to put it in roots, for example in /Games/WarCraft Tower Defense.

    Apart from this, still not launched my first game, but thanks ! Keep up the good work !

  83. The game works great on my M3 Simply! Thanks for working on this and sharing it! 🙂

    If you’re taking suggestions, I’d love to see what kind of maps you can come up with on your own, as the ones provided aren’t very well balanced for beginner-to-intermediate players such as myself.


  84. Fat init error !
    im dieing to get rid of it im trying every thing !!!
    the game works but cant choose a map i keep gettng that msg !

  85. You need to apply a dldi patch…

  86. […] or any other Blizzard game since StarCraft succeeded in boring the socks off of me. Looking at the compatibility list it does support the GBA Movie Player that I have, but the “DLDI patching” makes me a […]

  87. arg, those maps are given me problems, there’s no root folder to speak of, and creating one doesn’t seem to remedy it =/ Anyone got the solution? Using a Mini SD by the way.

  88. G6 Lite problems here too, exactly as Paulius described.

  89. thnx! i finally got the game to work!! if anyone found they got a msg saying fat init error! then simply patch it…follow frostfel’s steps. ehe…i dloaded the wrong one…the win32 patcher…not the gui one. finally!!!! this must be my lucky day! time for some quality time with my new game…..XD

  90. Datel GAMES ‘N MUSIC card- Does not work.

  91. I testet whit UFP EX 16G it doesn´t work

  92. patched it with the win32 gui patcher and works great on r4ds with newest firmware.

  93. hi, I ‘m really lost
    I have a M3 lite micro SD, to play WTD I have patched (DLDI) the .nds with the corresponding option (i.e. SD). And It has worked fine (even after some reboots)… but just for a while, and it not longer works !! I’ve got FAT INIT PB when loading the maps .
    I don’t know what to do. Please help me as this game is really good and I would like to keep playing

  94. still lost …But It has worked one more time after several attempt and now back to the fat init …

  95. To conclude (personal experience), for hypothetic life form remaining on this forum,
    Works perfectly on DSfat+M3CF+ patch
    Doesn’t work on DSlite+ M3microSD (with or without patch, regular or Alt)–> Fat init error

  96. Please anybody can send me the patch game for the m3 simply with a sd, i try all things like you say.
    Noda, if u can,put a link with the m3 with the sd.

  97. Ah and i´ve got the nds lite, can the game works in a lite with the m3 simply?

  98. Please anybody can send me the patch game for the m3 simply with a sd, i try all things like you say.
    Noda, if u can,put a link for the m3 with the sd.

  99. look on this page

  100. MMD works fine
    set DSO to bootme
    use version 3.0b
    place maps in root
    patch .nds file with dldi win 32 gui
    easy! ^^

  101. Datel Games N’ Music works perfectly now that Chishm released the drivers for it.

  102. how do i use it?

  103. I updated my dldi but maps says fat lib int error help!

  104. It won’t run on my mk5 ( thats the same like ncard or dslinker) I only get a white screen.. can anyone help me?

  105. After moving the \Maps folder to the root directory of my R4, without any patches, this works absolutely fine (v0.4 (FAT)).

  106. when NEO-MK5 compatibility be ready? i mean i have neo-mk5 card, and game don’t work with they :((

  107. my ds linker doesnt works too..

  108. I cant see the maps on the map seletion screen I am useing a r4 with a microsd card

  109. ….with no errors


  111. does some have it working on games and music ds

  112. Does this work with the ewin2

  113. I have a r4 with microsd and it works perfectly

  114. and i didn`t patch it and it works perfectly!!!

  115. R4 does internal DLDI patching since kernel 1.10 or something like that.

  116. works on CycloDSEvo FW.1.2beta2 (slot-1) with FAT version (use .nds)

  117. NOTE: Without DLDI patching

  118. Does it work on a G6 Real (not g6 lite). and if it does can anyone help me with it!=)

  119. Games’n’Music; Game runs, but “FAT init error!”.
    The DLDI patcher (win32gui) says the FAT .nds file of WTD “has no DLDI section”. … =?

  120. Make sure the “Maps” folder is in the root of your flash card if you want to play with the Games ‘N Music Card.

  121. Just a heads-up to those who are using the G6 Lite — I could never get it to work using the .nds file (as suggested on this page), but the .sc.nds file works great (patched using DLDI, of course). Took me a while to figure this out.

  122. With the newest Firmware for R4 (1.11) you dont have to patch the game anymore.

  123. Can you please make this game work on DS Linker in near future. It would be great, thanks.

  124. Listen up. This is how to make WTD work on your MMD.

    Download menu 1.0. It can be found on DCemu. (I have minor issues with 1.1, but you can try that too, it should work.) Menu 1.0 will boot this correctly, no need to name it “bootme” or anything.

    Download Tower Defense. Go to the FAT version and patch the normal one (aka not the .sc or w/e one). Move it to the root of your card. Make a file in your root called “maps”. Move all your maps from their current folder into there. Now you can delete the original wtd folder.

    Simply start menu, launch WTD, hit single player, and the maps should be there if you put them in the right directory.

    I feel special, no one’s been able to figure it out. 😛

  125. I use the cheap Games n Music and it works great!!!

    Great job on it.

  126. I Use DS Linker (dunno if is the same as DS Link) and it doesn’t work, tried fat version patched and unpatched and pafs version

    beta 0.4 all give me a white frozen screen

  127. Does it work with the Ds Fire Card???

  128. Yeah it does btw, THIS GAME IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

  129. is there anybody who can play this game with m3 ds real? it shows me just a black screen 😦

  130. i try this game with my m3 ds real too in every way like patching no patching .nds .gba and so on and i have a black screen too

  131. For M# DS Real, if you launch the .nds (unpatched) from the file browser in DSOrganize, it appears to be working.

  132. I meant m3, not m# (held the shift key down, sorry)

  133. I have the M3 Real with auto DLDI patching and when it starts after saying DLDI compatible it freezes on a white screen. Any suggestions?

  134. Just did it from DSOrganize and after I got the DLDI file from my system and put it into the RESOURCES folder in DS Organize everything is gravy. Its funny how we pay money for M3 to make us stuff and the free software is better.

  135. My DSTT is not loading the Fat version it boots to a dual white screen and freezes at that point.

  136. I fixed this by loading it via DSOrganize with chizm loader ? and it loads like a champ.

  137. What about the Cyclods Evolution?

  138. Please give us a M3 Real help! Can’t play 😦

  139. Can not work DSTT Please I wanna play this Game in NDSL.

  140. M3 Real – IT WORKS 🙂

    DS Organise => start .nds file from the browser

  141. can someone please help me… my m3 ds real cant load the maps for the agem =[ please help

  142. Dear Noda,
    I can’t get this game to work for Top Toy DS (TTDS) I read the other posts and they said use DSOrganize (DSO) I tryed that, but it failed. When your ready to make an update, please have it working for TTDS. Thank you for your time.

  143. Same problem like EliteKiller234 with TTDS. 😦

  144. My DS Organize says that its not Patched and i cant get it to Launch so can some1 please help?

  145. Nvm i got it patched

  146. Erm i am using a DSTT(Top-Toy) flash cart and its nt working
    wondering if any1 can hlp?
    gts stuck at the loading page at about 75% ==
    tried patchin with no avail

  147. Try loading with DSOrganize it might work but get a good dldi.

  148. Can i play with ds linker 8G ? 😦

  149. cant play with n-card

  150. The game works with Cyclops DS. (I use 1.3Beta)

  151. It works with Cyclo Ds evolution (I use 1.3 stable)

  152. It still doesn’t work with NEO-MK5 :(..

  153. I have an MK5 and it works without any problems with it. Try upgrading your firmware and patching manually.

  154. Are you using a max media dock or max media player 4gb HDD?
    If 4gb HDD use that patch not the max media dock patch. It should come included in IRC dldi patcher.

  155. Can someone please give a detailed step by step guide to get this working on M3 REAL? I tried DSorganise and still no luck. Which versions do I need to use? Which firmware? Which dldi patch file?

  156. when i start it with Organize my m3real says it´s not patched what should i do?

  157. when i start it with Organize my m3real says it´s not patched what should i do? i already tried it in every way possible. T_T

  158. how do you put the maps and why does the touch screen in my ds does not work on this game the only thing that goes out in my ds in the map is FAT init error there is also no sound in that game on my ds please help me

  159. did a review of the Cyclo and in it, they mention that this homebrew works with the Cyclo DS Evolution 🙂

  160. Beautiful game!

    How to patch on R4.

    1. Put Maps in the first folder of the R4, the one with the _system_, GAMES and 3 DAT files. go to Run > windows explorer

    In windoes explorer go to tools > Folder Options, click the File Types tab, and click once on (NONE) Folder

    Click advanced, add new. In Actions, write command or something, and in Application, type C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe

    Download the R4tf.dldi from
    and place it where your NDS World of Warcraft Tower Defense ROM is.
    I’m not sure what i did then, but i double clicked r4tf.dldi, came up with command prompt. press any button. Now right click your NDS rom file and at the top it should say “DLDI R4(DS) – Revolution for DS Patch. Click it. CMD.exe will come up saying it is succesfully patched. play the game, and wohoo.

    I thought it wasnt patched at first cos i couldnt find my maps, then i realise i have to put them in the E:\ Drive, not in the GAMES folder in the main folder lol. Welcome

    Works Perfectly and i am enjoying it to the fullest

  161. Can someone please help me how to patch i dont get it please!!!!!
    add my hotmail

  162. btw im using m3real

  163. i tired playing this with: AR (action replay) games n’ music device & i get error: fat init error, in the game screen where the maps should be. i dont know what i’m doing wrong or how to fix it, can you help?

  164. i have th r4 and the game doesnt work what can i need to do?

  165. can I play it on my supercard lite rumble without having a superpasskey ?

  166. i’m using R4 and it works without patching –” weird.. but i like this game so much! thx a lot Noda ^^

  167. I have a weird falsh card slots… i have GameTimeExpress Card with 256MB it’s an chinese corp. and it seems no one haves it… i paid only 50 buks on it >.> so… anyway its OK cuz i can put game NDS ROMS on it up to 250MB and its good, but the WTD dosent works at me T.T (T= eye crying, .=nose) and how do i do the patch stuff >.< i downloaded it but i dont know how to patch it T.T PLZZZ HELP

  168. Helo everybody, im form Germany.

    Ma Problem is that the Game doasnt work on my M3DS Real, it stucks when the dldi patching load.

    I would like to play that Game but i cant, i hope that will be fixxed ^^

  169. can you make it work with r4

  170. What about Top ttoy

  171. i am using an itouch. can i play the game

  172. I had Acekard2, it worked.

  173. it works with dstt you need dsorganizer

  174. I have a super card sd how do I get the .sc.nds file?

  175. dont now how to download dldi patch please tell me

  176. help

  177. help me someyone

  178. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. does this work with edge ds card

    or what card for slot 2 will it work with?

  180. I use a CycloDS Evolution and it works fine, just put it on the MicroSD, loaded it up on the DS, and boom, there it is. Perfect compatibility.

  181. Can i play with aitouchds pls!!!!!!

  182. ehh i hope it was ok but i made a website of this… 😛

  183. Hi,
    I have a DS Lite and am using a Supercard Lite with microSD card. I put the Maps folder and the .nds file in my root directory and the game loads fine, I can access the maps, and the peons start walking on the map.
    The thing is that I can’t seem to be able to build any tower since nothing happens when I press the “start building” button with the stylus (but the stylus works fine on anything else, such as the menu or selecting a peon).
    Does anyone know what to do in order to solve this?

  184. Nevermind my last comment, it’s just that you have to press really hard on the stylus to select a tower, and I guess I was just trying not to damage it, lol.

    In conclusion: this homebrew works perfectly with Supercard DS Lite, and you don’t even have to patch anything, just put the files on your card and you’re ready to play.


  185. i have a dstt and it does n’t work on it ill try to get it to work later.

  186. so um how i do this

  187. um ya say how do i get these cards

  188. Worked on A TTDS just use Ds Organize

  189. umm…
    i downloaded the newest version .5
    and i dont know how to play it
    i can open the tower defense game but i cant load anything onto it
    anyone help me i use a R4,do i need to patch it or is it already patched?

  190. it wont load on a dstt

  191. white screen appears on my dstt

  192. La verdade es q no he podido jugar esto porfavor mandenme un manual en español

  193. Doesnt work with M3 Real anyway u try 😦

  194. how about R4

  195. i have a ds firelink card and the game wouln’d start
    get white screen all over
    tried custom save type but failed 😦

    i wanna play !

  196. can u add this to a new psp?

  197. It keeps on saying that no maps are found! WHY!

  198. Now works on DSTT using an updated ttdldi.dat courtesy of boyakkey.

    More info here –

  199. I am using the R4 and it says I need the DLDI patch, how do I do that?

  200. i have TTDS and its wont work 😥

  201. btw my little bro have r4ds when he enter to the maps it says
    no maps found
    need a fix for that

  202. ok fixed everything 😀 but it says no maps found

  203. Oh SHIT! I hope this works on my new Acekard 21 Im getting on tuesday :[

    Ill test the compatibility.

  204. Sorry meant to say Acekard 2i not 21

  205. DSTT does not work

  206. how can i get the maps to the game

  207. Doesnt work on my DSTT,
    will you go on and develop it further, or are the DSTT tower defense fans left to die? 😦

  208. hwo to do work on cyclo evo ?plz

  209. what about cyclo evo ? i had try on mine and taht dont work . not found map but they are map in the map files .. bug ?

  210. Can’t Be Bothered Reading All This But:
    With An R4 The Latest Software will Run This No Problem All You Need To Do Is Add The Maps Folder The Root ( The Place Where The Moon Shell Folder Is ) Of The Card. Then Just Right Click The Folder And Click Hidden So When you Play Game You Don’t See A Folder Called Maps In The Directory. xD

    Peace Out!

  211. Hi, I’ve just tested this on Acekard2 and it works perfectly fine. =D

  212. i use acekard2 but cannot read the maps, what should i do?

  213. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  214. I don’t think it works on DSTT, i just get two blank screens :p

  215. sweet, ignore the post above, got it working with hitchers post

  216. Not getting it work on DSi with R4i Gold Revolution;
    I select the game and then the loading screen just shows up on the upper screen and the lower screen is blank (black) D=

  217. M3 DS Real stuck on DLDI Compatible Loading…. Screen patched with M3SD and Maps folder in Root?

    No idea whats up have the latest system files

  218. why do they say no maps found? D: <

  219. hi wat about ttds????

  220. Windows Vista won’t let you put a / in a file’s name! What do I do

  221. i got a r4i gold and i run it with moonshell :O

  222. i dont have a folder called Root! please someone help my
    i cant read the maps folder at all

    r4i gold

  223. make 1 for psp please i pay you 10$ for it 🙂

  224. TTDS!

  225. there isn’t a folder calls root, but it is directly on your sd card, not in a folder 😀

  226. I have a R4i with moonshl how can i make it to work

  227. Works great on Acekard 2 with a DSLite

  228. A heads up for those having problems finding the maps. The problem with some setups is that your ROM or games directory also needs to be in the root directory (I am using an R4, v1.18). My setup had my games dir in the _system_ folder, which worked fine, but caused problems for this game. So make sure your MAPS AND your games dir are in the same root (first folder).

  229. )’)==========D~~

  230. Ive tried everything mentioned above and i cant get it to find the maps… I am using M3 adapter, sd mini, dldi patched towerdefense, and i have the maps dir in the root dir :/ plz help… my blog

  231. Not working here with Max Media Dock (V0.31b FAT, Firmware 1.22, DLDI Patch V1.23). DLDI Patch was applied successfully. Other DLDI patched homebrew works without any problems. Both .nds file and Maps directory in root. Just shows the firmware screen and freezes.

  232. r4i doesnt work,even if u pass thru the black screen the game will pause forever

  233. J’utilise le R4 et il dit que j’ai besoin du patch DLDI, ce que je dois faire?

  234. I need help with my game it not working gos to load to start loading then stops i have a r4i 3ds do i need to update it? or what patch do i need plz help game look fun 🙂

  235. I can’t get it to work with the m3i zero.

  236. I can’t get it to work on the Supercard DsTwo. It says can not alloc 1198232… bytes.

  237. It doesnt show the maps if i click on singleplayer, please help 😦

  238. Does this work on m3 ds real?

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