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234 Responses to “Maps”

  1. Great a new map. Thank you sooo much nodo you have made one of the best ds games of all time. The map maker is so simple and easy to use and the game is great fun. In your next release can you please make it so you only need one space between each tower instead of 3. Great job and keep up the good work , cant wait for the next release. this game has so much portential all you need to do is add some more buildings and monsters and this would be good enough to sell at the shops for the price of a normal ds game. THANKS YOU VERY VERY MUCH for this great game

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  5. 리블은 한글로 ㅋㅋ

    이거만드시분 ㄳ

    very good~~

  6. 앗 오타 리플~

  7. 한국인이 점령 여기는 한국사이트가 아닙니다.~~
    저는 한국인이고요 닌스에서 활동~~ ㅋ

  8. nice !! i want more again !!

  9. 헐 한국사람 많네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  10. Ice defense, have a problem in round 14 (turtles round)


  11. Nice to see another great contribution to the NDS hombrew scene…

  12. I will try to add some towers and monster and more balancing^^

  13. hym i see like 5 reply in ?????? that are probably chineese or korean thingy

  14. Hmm is it just me or Spiral TD bugs up middle of the game but still playable, like the tower models become… corrupted or whatchamacallit.

  15. yeah, hopefully the bug gets fixed in the next release. Having enemies that have -1/500 hit points isn’t a good thing lol.

  16. 슬롯1에서는 안돌아가나 .? ㄱ-

  17. this nds hombrew is great. for myself, I have wanted to play warcraft in the nds.this hombrew that your valuable time was invested give a enjoyment to many people. well… and in compliance with nds’s diffusion rate increment in the South korea, many korean people enjoy nds… on a person’s behalf korean thank for your efforts.
    감사합니다 (= thank you )

  18. so… i have loaded up my first map >6_clans_ICE_V0.1.tdmSilver

  19. – 6_clans_ICE_V0.1.tdm-
    -6 clans (Humans,Werwolfes,ghouls,magicans,dwarfes)
    -3 evolutions for every clan
    -a LOT of towers!!(till now 52)
    and a little map.
    in next time, i will upgrade this map.
    just test it, and send me some ideas what i should also include^^
    your >Silver

  20. plz help my map create in format xml ?

  21. read the info!! you need to make 1 evolution and 1 clan to build it, also on the map you need to make pts for the spwan

  22. sorry plz this a version 100%!%20www.20071172090.tdm
    remove mi ohter post

  23. Hey I uploaded 2 solid maps that are great :D. Desert Glory (please use version 2) and The Ruins. The ruins I worked on for like 5 hours!!! SO please check them out. Especially The Ruins ;).

  24. 뭐라 캐싼노 ㅡㅡ

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  26. I’m having trouble… in any map I make, it locks up when the monsters get to the second waypoint.

    I thought it might’ve been the fact I have multiple clans at first, but it’s even doing it when I made one. I made the most basic map ever and it does it, actually.

    anyone have any advice?

  27. 정말 너무 너무 고맙습니다..

    워크 팬인데 특히 타워….최고입니다…^^

  28. could somebody do a remake of blue td and greed td for tower defense ds?

  29. ignore my previous post… I gotta couple bugs to fix…

  30. Keep this project going, I am really enjoying this.

  31. wako kasabot sa tinooray lang, kay ako naglibog na ug hapit na mabuang, unsa man ang imong gananhan, seryoso ba o binuang lang,kay kon ako imu pangutan.on kaw ako pabot.on………..

  32. i wan dota

  33. YAY I made it on the list :p. Noda check out The Ruins V.2 I like it better than Desert Glory 🙂

  34. Hi,
    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  35. im not sure how to upload the maps, sum1 help plz

  36. upload as in onto the ds

  37. 캬..재미있다 진짜 .ㅋㅋ
    외국분들도 많고 한국분들도 많네..
    맵좀 업뎃 빨리 해주삼.~~~!!!!! ^^

  38. what’s with this Korean invasion? 😮

  39. I just decided to drop a line and tell you that this has become my most used application on my DS (beating out my games…). Everything is perfect (the authentic music adds a NICE touch). Just a few questions/suggestions….you can answer on email or ignore ’em completely.

    1. Will there be a save ability? Eventually, these maps will grow bigger and more balanced, meaning the maps will become longer, meaning the ability to walk away and pick up a game later would be nice.

    2. Will you be updating the versions of the maps that are included in the package? I noticed you said that would be adding the best map into each revision…but does that mean you’re updating the others?

    3. I haven’t started making maps yet…but in my playtime I’ve noticed that the speed and range of maps is numerical. Are these numbers in any way related to the Warcraft numbers, or are they completely different? I was thinking I could import a few maps from WC3 on this thing…

    Thanks for your time, and keep up the good (great/excellent) work.

  40. Problem on the map “save the snowman”: units built on the top line are ineffective


  42. Hey hey, try my new map Gear of War 🙂 And tell me if i have made error 🙂

  43. I made my firs MAP 🙂
    test it 🙂

    please report bugs or somthing @

    greez ;9 and thx for this great homebrew 🙂

  44. Can you test my Map Hellgate Keeper’s please ?
    Thank you !

  45. ( Hellgate Keeper’s v0.3b ) look : uploaded map )

  46. Noda, can you test my Map?
    (Ice_Maze_TD, The_Maze_Td and The_Amazone)3Maps

  47. – 4 races to choice
    – 30 rounds.
    – Farm o similar is needed.
    – Fly rounds every 5 lv, begining in 7
    – Boss rounds every 8 lv, begining in 6
    – Invisible rounds every 4 lv, begining in 4.
    – Mixed rounds

    I hope that enjoy my map.

    Download Here my map

  48. Little Update @ Map Bl00dy

    Design: The Design was refined

    New Size: 33×34

    for more i havent yet time 😦 i hope soon 😉

    greez BL00dy

    P.S. @ Noda: THX for testing my map and for your great work 🙂
    The ^ZONK^ Tower and the 2 evolutions were a testing/joke/fake for testing the editor, and for my Alpha tester 😉
    I will remove and add more towers from time to time 😉
    and for english, i will let corrext it my girlfriend.


    please report bugs or something @

  49. a comparison of the old/new styl form my map 😉

    greez BL00dy

  50. Great work, I’ll consider adding it to the next release 😉

  51. try its your self, shock…..

  52. my 한국인(korean)ㅋㅋ
    very very good ㅋㅋ

  53. 아놔 에카 안되

  54. Normally I don’t post in these things without a solid reason and I kind of look down on people who do because I’m an elitist jerk… but I have to say it. I never really messed with homebrew stuff before because I thought it was all just cheap clones of old games, but I downloaded this one day on a whim and I now play it more than my actual “official” games. The game is excellent and the amount of content included in the map editor is awesome, too. I can’t wait to see what the future might hold for this project. Rock on, Noda.

  55. This is a really good DS Homebrew game!!! Probably the best I have played yet. A few bugs, but I managed to work around them.
    I often find myself torn between playing my WarCraft games and my DS games!!!! Thx alot for this, better than most commercial games! , lately.

    P.S. Whats with the comments in Korean???

  56. How about a map preview and a bit of information?

  57. It’s coming soon…

  58. How can it work on Acekard+?

  59. Best homebrew ever. Keep it up! I haven’t played any Tower D. since Starcraft days, and I forgot how fun it is. Many thanks!

  60. 아 씌벌 AK+ 안되 쌍

  61. how do u make maps? it would be really fun. and also i would love to have this game but i dont have the super chip download thing. could some one give me the game or could i buy it from them?

  62. Please, my wtd doesnt recognize the maps! I cant play! there is no maps, only a error message!!

  63. im the guy from the message up there! I still cant make it work.. all it says is Fat init error!

  64. You need to apply a patch. See compatibility section

    Most likely you need the dldi patch. Look here for more info:

  65. thx

  66. Wow nice i like your homebrew maybe a dota ds could be nxt 😀

  67. hello i give map Cursed tower good luck

  68. when does a new version come out?

  69. when it’s done…

  70. gave this game the homebrew game of the week in their podcast last week and i immediately came to get it for my R4 absolutely marvelous game cant wait for the next version and of course more maps keep it up.

  71. I am loving this mod. Great work!!!
    i play it pretty much exclusively now.. hope to have map finished soon as well..
    Nice job Noda

  72. Great game and an awsome addition to the DS homebrew scene. Keep this one updated mate its great.

  73. this homebrew is so kooooooooooooooooooool!
    you MUST play it!
    호오 근데 한글도 써지는군요?

  74. New Version from the Map bl00dy TD V.0.4

    (the upload on ndswtd dont work …)


  75. This game is simply… incredible, amazing, it’s simple, the engine works great, the controls are easy to learn, the editor is quick, it’s really light, it’s practical to develop more maps…

    Suggestions: A Save system would be really great, but if it’s almost impossible, do like a soft save. If you save a game, you can’t play another one or the saved would be lost, so you can’t put 50 maps and have 50 different saves.

    But overall… it’s almost perfect.

  76. >(the upload on ndswtd dont work …)

    Hmm strange as it’s working for me, I tested and uploaded your map succesfully.

    I’ll think about the save system for the next version 😉

  77. I can`t convert my maps to work on the R4

  78. I can open the game, but i can’t load the map

  79. 흠 ㅋㅋㅋ 한국인들이 다반수인거같아 좋다는

  80. […] Warcraft : Tower of Defense [a great standby now at 0.4 with player-made maps] […]

  81. how do you convert the .XML files???


  83. How do you convert the xml files???

  84. you can’t, you have to use the “build” button to export maps

  85. i love this homebrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Where The he.. can i download the map maker?

  87. Maybe you should look at the “WTD Editor” folder in the release package… 😉

  88. ????????????????????????????????

  89. The Gears of War map needs some work. Its nearly impossible, unless I’m missing something. The hit damages of the towers are too random (10-25 damage is a huge span) for how difficult the map is. The farthest I can get is to the 2 big huge guys (round 4 or 5 I think) and I have yet to kill even one of them. Most of the time I can’t make it that far because the dice don’t roll in my favor and my towers don’t do enough damage.

    Lower the health on all of the enemies by like 10% and it’ll probably be playable.

  90. I can beat GoW almost every time. You just suck at it.

  91. Gee thanks for the constructive comment. It might be worth something if you offer a suggestion.

    I’m pretty new to this game, so I just realized that you can sell towers with no price penalty, so maybe selling and replacing is the key.

    I’m having a problem with the “long walk” map now though. The skeletons take no damage. Is there a certain tower that works on them? I’ve tried a canons, snipers, freezers and hunters and none of them do anything to the skeletons. The rest of the waves don’t give me any problems though.

  92. Okay, I suck at Long Walk too. I can’t beat the skeletons, either.

  93. if you really want to know how to beat long walk, just use the map editor on it and look at the skeletons and what they are immune/weak against.

  94. Ew. The skellies are immune to normal damage.

  95. Wonder where everyone has gone to O_O no new replies since january O_O @_@

  96. oops I was wrong =.=

  97. Ive been working on building my own map but have problems with multiple paths. On Round 6, when I use Path 3, I told the map to Spawn 3 Monsters but when played it Spawns 6 that follow Path 3. The Round ends after the first 3 are killed and the seconds start counting down, but, when the next 3 are killed it ends the round again and resets the counter. In Round 11, when I use Path 2, I told it to Spawn 2 Monsters but, when its played, it Spawns 5 Monsters on Path 2 and 1 on Path 1 (Path 1 is set to 0.) Finally, on Round 12, I told it to Spawn 1 Monster on Path 2, but when it is played, it (again) Spawns 5 Monsters on Path 2 and 1 on Path 1. Since this is currently the final round, it ends the game after the first monster is killed and declares victory! This is a good game and I’ve been having fun with it. I just want to know where the problem is and if possible, how to fix it… Is it a problem with the map or the game? If its a problem with the map, can it be fixed?

  98. Thank you I am Korean!!


  100. when is wifi multyplayer going to be out?

  101. is their even going to be wifi multyplayer for this game?

  102. when is multyplayer going to be out?

  103. 님들이 맵 제작 툴어디서 다운 받죠 자세히 좀 알려쥇요;

  104. thx. a lot of koreans r here thou

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  106. ^????????
    Great game, really like it, im playing it more than my regular games right now. think u could give us a time estimate on wifi multiplayer? i’m looking forward to playing dota or green td with other ppl soooooooooooooo much.

  107. I need help plz can someone tell me how to make the maps work?!?!? I’m not rlly good with computer and stuff HELP ME?! when i try the add map thing what do i do next? Can someone leave very and detailed instructions for me plz???!?!?

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    저 요즘 r4ds라는 껨펙을 쓰고있어서, 많은것들을 질기는대, 맞당하지아나서 제미있는것들을 찾습니다.

  112. 니미좆

  113. This is the best homebrew game for sure. I know how difficult it is to create such a complex game. And including a multiplayer mode isn’t much easier^^
    Let your school and friends come first^^ and then work on this project. You seem to be very talented.
    Wish you good luck in your future, later we will probably hear of you as an succesful software engineer 😉

    Good luck and Have Fun

  114. How convert a xml map in tdm map?

  115. 우오오오오오오오오
    부시 딸 이름은 발바라 부시임 훗

  116. click the <> button lokated on the botom right corner of the map maker

  117. 아주 외국사이트에서 한국인 망신 다 시키는구나

  118. cool

    maybe he can add music in game

    like starlite ds

  119. Shit, really good job guys! all credits to you, man you own! donate everybody!

  120. Just wanted to say congratulations on making on of the best NDS games available, that’s both in retail and homebrew. It’s got a permanent spot on my R4 and gets more play than officially released software half the time. A very well done indeed!

  121. 도플갱어님이 말한것처럼 이런 외국 사이트에서 한국인을 완전 의자 만들어버리는중인가

    좀 욕좀 하지 마시고 그냥 뎃글은 뎃글대로 쓰세요.

    “님이 죳” 이라고 쓰면 한국이 욕먹습니다. 좀 초딩들 꺼지시고요. 뎃글에 이상한 글따위는 늘 필료 없어요- 그냥 그럴님들은 꺼지세요.

    외국 싸이트는 더럽히지맙시다 – 그럴꺼면 네이버에서 욕뎃글이나 쓰던지요.

  122. what is with ONline Mode? Online vs the other Warcraft tower defense players?? about wlan oder a usbconnector? please send me an email Thanks

  123. Pretty good. i love it!

  124. i have a problem..i want to play it on my dstt but it doesn’t work.i tryed patching but it said no dldi driver.when i load it the screen is all

  125. oh by the way i waited for 2hours in the white screen nothing came . PLEASE HELP ME and its dstt. my email is once again if you have time email me with helpful tips and clues. my starlite also doesn’t work . i dont get it isnt dstt better that R4??ah please help me an THANK YOU

  126. Thanks for WTD :D,
    my map is here: Scource_TD_1.2008413194555.tdm

  127. Awesome man. Really awesome. Congrats on such a great game! I’m gonna spread the word about this, because I think a game like this would be good enough to sell given time. I’m not telling you TO sell it, just that it is that high quality 🙂 Great job!

  128. IT DOESNT WORK ON THE DSTT it come’s up with A WHITE SCREeen!!11

  129. I’m from Korea.
    Sorry to use Korean.
    여기는 한국 블로그도 아닌데
    이런식으로 한국어를 쓰면 안되죠.
    -자 위에있는거 복사해서 쓴다음에 하시는게 좋을듯

  130. I’m from Korea.
    Sorry to use Korean.
    어차피 욕을 쓰던 뭐를 쓰던
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  134. can some 1 help me im confused because the warcraft ds file is a .rar file please respond

  135. I just downloaded this yesterday, and i must admit, it has DOMINATED all of my play time on my DS. I am a long time fan of the TD scene on wc3’s and i think this is absolutely WONDERFUL.
    If I had a credit card, i would be MORE than happy to throw a few bucks your way, but alas, i don’t.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! and THANKS!!!!

  136. 아 왜 이렇게 한국사람들이 많이있지??????


    Scourge TD: prevent the scourge murds out all!

  138. Awesome~

  139. 외국싸이트인데 한글이대새인가봐

  140. This is really great, has anyone tried the Map Editor? Made any maps?


  141. Gud done

  142. Making a map of WTD is hard!! but its fun and it takes time.. By the way how can i send the map in your site. please email me thanks..

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  151. hey someone could make a game with naruto and his friends are the characters?

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  153. its crappy you need a flash card hey does anyone know if there is wow for the ds i mean it does have wifi

  154. everyone i will be posting a map in a couple of days called maze td it is my first map and about the naruto characters i cant promise it but i will try it.

  155. why when i put maps it says ( no maps found ) help me plzzzz

  156. when i upload my map it says error

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  158. HOW I UPLOAD MAPS! answers please!

  159. 요호 ㅅㅂ

  160. i can’t even get my map into the right format

  161. how do you put maps in the game?

  162. so fun

  163. Map name The Ruins is bug at the round named Amazon Mages, … 😦

  164. 한국 점렴 성공 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  165. I’m from South Korea
    thank you

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  167. Cool maps !

  168. i want more maps!!!

  169. i just made a new one look in the list 🙂
    or you can just make one yourself lazy guy XD its not that hard

  170. the map is called xilzo’s attack

  171. ok 😀

  172. Your work is awsome, thx alot 😀

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  174. When are you gonna add multiplayer and do you ever visit your site that often?

  175. good한 마음..

  176. […] jeu, mais aussi un éditeur de carte ! Et si vous êtes feignant vous pouvez récupérer des cartes ici ou […]

  177. Hi I still dont understand quite how to make my own maps…… can somebody help me???

  178. hey ehm the site is kinda dead so dont bother trying to make more then 1 map XD already found that out and ehms what do you need help with?? you should just try to change a few numbers or so, just try something 🙂 btw if ur map is done plz submit it i wannaaaaaaa try it im bored…. pokemon soulsilver keeps freezing

  179. btw i dont look so often on this site so it may take 2/3 days till i respond or longer

  180. I repeat:
    ‘erm im making a map atm but how do I make the evolutions work???’
    does anyone know??

  181. 여기들오니까 한국어의 소중함을 알겠어 눈아퍼 ㅠㅠ

  182. I’m Korean…
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  183. so good!!!
    i like so much TD!!!

    good~ good~

  184. so good!

  185. using an r4 and it can find any maps
    /maps not found

  186. wow, the best NDS game ever!!
    i love it, it is better than on PC

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  188. Hey I Think Maybe you can create a map like vampirism ^^

  189. ngeliat komentarnya kayknya seru game warcraft di nds
    udah di install bro.trus bisa ke buka tapi folder map not found,
    dimana disimpen folder map nya. .biar kebuka di game nya.tnx

  190. a legion td with ds multiplayer would be really really cool… man.. this would be great oO

    I’d love it!

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  192. can you make acient defence???

  193. Hell Defense v0.9 released!

    28 rounds, 7 Bosses, 6 Evolutions, 23 Towers.

    Pretty hard when played on a level higher than Hard.

  194. I have warcraft ds but not reading the maps the following Message appears the “ maps not found´´/. If anyone knows please tell me about solving

  195. my card is acekard

  196. you need to create a “maps” folder on the SD and put maps there

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  206. Hell TD v1.1 Beta 6 released! Please try!~

    25 different towers!
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