A french man in QuΓ©bec

•30 September, 2007 • 35 Comments

It’s been a month now that have my headquarters in MontrΓ©al, time to go for something more serious (too much parties here ^^)!

Unfortunately, I’m not going to have as free time as expected, and a friend who was supposed to come with me (and with its DS by the way…) is not here, so I have only 1 DS here, it will be quite more difficult to have multiplayer ready in time… 😦

But surely WTD is not dead, and I’ll try to put out some release before the end of the year! And as I’m making an NDS project around the 3D hardware of the DS for my Image Synthesis course, maybe it will result in something useful for the game, who knows…


Near departure…

•7 August, 2007 • 16 Comments

In approximately 2 weeks I’ll be moving for my last year of study in Montreal, Canada πŸ™‚

I’m now doing all the preparations for the voyage, so I won’t be much present here, but expect some news once I’m done with installation, getting internet access and all these things. I should have quite a lot free time for this year, it will help to put out the next release πŸ˜‰


The forum is back!

•13 July, 2007 • 18 Comments

Finally, the forum is now up and working again! πŸ™‚ I hope that the new antispam mod installed will prevent junk from being posted…

To celebrate the event, I started completing the Map List section of the forum, give it a check πŸ˜‰ Now if you have problems, need hints or have suggestions concerning a map, just post in its dedicated thread!

More maps will be added in the next days.


•4 June, 2007 • 40 Comments

Hi, just a short post to say that I’m currently quite busy, but this homebrew is still in the work πŸ™‚

I plan to include multiplayer in the next release, but currently I’m working on a new development library which will be used to rewrite the whole game engine… This will allow new effects, improved sound, music…

And don’t ask for a date please, it will be released… when it’s ready!

Forum issues

•2 April, 2007 • 43 Comments

The forum is temporarily disabled, I’m currently installing an anti-spam mod because a lot of those junk bots went there the last days.

Sorry for the convenience, it will come back soon πŸ˜‰

Competition started :)

•22 March, 2007 • 16 Comments

The vote for the best NDS game of the Neoflash compo has started, and as you may know, I’m participating to this compo with the latest version of WTD πŸ™‚

If you like my game, please vote for me on this page (note that you need to be registered to vote).

Thanks for your support πŸ˜‰

Edit: There is also 2 other sites where you can vote for my game πŸ™‚ DCEmu and Emuboard, go for it! ^^
Thanks to Dustin/Elessar for pointing this πŸ˜‰

And remember that the vote will close on the 31th of March!


•20 March, 2007 • 24 Comments

I’m quite tired now, just finished polishing the last things, but here is the new promised release! πŸ™‚

Download it here.

I added quite a lot new features to both the editor & the game as you can see in these changelogs :

Game changelog:

– 04/02/2007 : v0.4 beta
= PAFS version was broken in the last release, now it’s working again
= corrected the bug that prevented max towers bonus for first evolution to be applied at start
= corrected colors of selection circle, it looks better now
= fixed the animation bug when a monster is killed at spawn
= fixed sprite scrolling, now sprites are in phase with background while scrolling
+ updated the map editor, see its changelog for details
+ added a bunch of new features for maps, like small & transparent monsters, W3 damage style, choice for the colors used in the minimap for painting entities…
+ complete rewrite of the sprite engine, now sprites corruptions problems should be fixed
+ added a nice zoom effect when building/upgrading towers
+ added current window display on minimap
+ you can now scroll the map directly by dragging the window on the minimap
+ monsters are now hidden and no more over a tower when you build a tower over a dead one
+ added a flashing message when a new evolution is available and wasn’t before
+ you can now scroll maps in the map selection screen directly by touching the scroll bar
+ added the option to build tower by double-tapping
+ added the option to choose L/R to work as a switch and don’t need to be held
+ added the option to allow to build multiple towers at once
+ added the option to choose the position of the in-game build menu
+ added an option menu
+ added a Linux script for PAFS version
+ added multiple paths management (up to 4)
+ removed the 40 monsters spawn limit per rounds, now up to 256 monsters per path can be spawned in a round (but remember that only 40 can be active)
+ added stereo sound placement
+ updated & added some new maps (try the map Hellgate Keeper’s to the new features in action!)
+ added a new pathfinder, quite faster than the old one but less accurate
+ little optimizations here and there πŸ™‚

Map Editor changelog :

– 18/02/2007 : v0.4
= corrected all tab indexes, now you can use the tab button to quickly switch between fields
= applied values restrictions to some fields for safety
+ added some fields to provide some informations concerning the author, how to contact
him and the current version of the map. These infos are not displayed in-game but it will be used later on my website.
+ added the “save preview image” button which does what its name says :p
+ added the “W3 damage style” option, which change the damage behavior to a W3-like
(1 damage minimum is dealt instead of 0 when activated)
+ added multiple brush sizes, now it’s easier to paint large areas
+ added some templates of custom tilesets (thanks to Moe for sending me the great one he has done for Blizzard TD)
+ custom tileset is now embedded with the map
+ added the “transparent” parameter for monsters which makes them 50% transparent
+ added the “baby size” parameter for monsters which makes them 50% smaller
+ added the choice of the color set used with the minimap (for monsters display etc.)
+ added the possibility to create up to 4 paths for monsters
+ added some properties in the round tab to customize the spawn behavior when using multiple paths
+ removed the 40 monsters spawn limit per rounds, now up to 256 monsters per path can be spawned in a round
+ added the possibility to use a faster pathfinder instead of the regular one