Beta-test started and… a surprise!

•14 March, 2007 • 9 Comments

I finally managed to correct all last minute bugs despite my lack of sleep, and so the beta test has started and the version has been submitted to the beta-testers 🙂

I hope everything will go fine and that I won’t have too many bugs to correct as I added quite a lot new features :p

Also, as it was requested many times… Here comes the official forum of my game! It’s actually quite empty and the maps will be added soon in the map list, but still it’s functional 🙂


100 000 visitors!

•12 March, 2007 • 6 Comments

Woohoo! Today this blog reached the 100 000 hits barrier 🙂

Thanks a lot for your support, some good things will come very soon, I’m currently very busy trying to put everything up, hope that you’ll enjoy it!

The beta-test for the next version will start very soon (probably tomorrow…), so beta-testers… be ready! 😀

Only 2 weeks before next release…

•5 March, 2007 • 25 Comments

…so it’s time to give some news! ^^

I’m still finishing to add the most important new feature for now, I think everything will be ready in a few days for the beta-test 😉
I think I’ll forget some little things I wanted to add for now as won’t have time to add them in time as I’m quite busy with school work these weeks 😦
But be assured that the main features will be there, and the rest will be added as soon as I have time for it 🙂

Quick news

•23 February, 2007 • 13 Comments

Just a quick post to say that the new version will probably comes the 20th of march… Yeah, you thought right, it’s again the deadline of a compo 😀

I know it’s far away (1 month!) and that I could release an intermediate version, but I really want to polish my homebrew and I didn’t had time to do it before… For now the only thing I can say is that it will be worth the wait 😉
Some great new features have been added these days, both in the editor and the game, and it’s about gameplay, visual & sound aspects and the possibilities offered by the game engine…


•13 February, 2007 • 14 Comments

I’ve just finished the complete rewrite of the sprite engine for the bottom screen (sprites on upper screen should not cause problems) !! Now I’ll do some heavy tests to verify that the sprite corruption bug is gone forever 🙂

Now, I just have to fix a few remaining bugs and I’ll start working on new feature, finally! The Map Editor has already been updated, with some nice additions I’m sure you’ll appreciate 😉 The map format will change in the next version to support new feature and to prepare the ground for future ones, but don’t worry, forward compatibility will be there, you’ll just have to load an old map into the editor and save it again to convert it.

I will also take a look to add backward compatibility so you won’t need to convert all existing maps, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I don’t know when everything will be ready for a release, as there is many things I want to add, and this time there’s no compo deadline so it won’t be a quick & dirty release 😉

Sprite corruption…

•10 February, 2007 • 6 Comments

After searching in my code for a long time trying to find the source of the sprite corruption problem, I came to a conclusion as I found nothing suspicious : The problem may be caused by the PALib Create/Delete sprite function which at some point causes some problems in the sprite memory that cause the corruption.

So, I will rewrite entirely the sprite system to more flexible one which doesn’t make use of these functions, hoping to get rid of this problem. Anyways, the sprite system needed to be reworked before adding multiplayer, so it will also prepare the ground for that 😉

Quick bugfix release

•5 February, 2007 • 48 Comments

Here is the promised quick release which should fix some bugs and R4/M3 simply compatibility 🙂

-04/02/2007 : v0.31 beta
+ now use latest devkitpro (r20) with latest libnds, libfat & palib
= stylus precision & jumping problems fixed (thanks to latest libnds)
= stylus problems with R4/M3 simply should be fixed (thanks to latest palib)
= corrected the bug that make the map selection screen froze when there was more than
10 maps (FAT version)


EDIT: PAFS version is broken in this release due to a stupid error… Just use version 0.3 instead of this one.


I’m currently trying to find the bug which sometimes corrupt sprites (it seems to occurs only at the beginning of a round, please correct me if I’m wrong 😉 ) and the one that cause an attack sprite to stay fixed on the screen sometimes after selling a tower.

I also added a compatibility page, just take a look at it if you’re experiencing problem while running it on your flashcard.

Finally, I updated the maps page with the latest uploaded maps. I also quickly tested newest ones this morning (boring lessons are great for that 😀 ) and here is my personal opinion on those, as it was requested:

– Blizzard TD : probably the best map out there for now, beautiful gfx & design (please can you send me the tileset used so I can add it to the map editor?). Difficulty is progressive, there’s a great bunch of towers and 61 rounds, yes!! I urge you to test it 🙂

– Ice Maze TD : simple but nice map, enjoyable but I found that the towers are not balanced at all : only wind & ice towers are usable, earth & fire are useless compared to the wind tower.

– Bl00dy : good map, nice idea, but I found it too short and too easy. Also a polished gfx design of the map would be a great addition (like just rounding all edges). There’s also some typos, and I don’t see the point of the ^ZONK^ tower (evolutions can have no towers if you just want more towers upgrade 😉 )

– Amazone : great map, towers are well balanced, some rounds too easy for me 🙂 There’s some typos also.

– Gears of war TD: nice map & theme, good balance & difficulty but it’s too short!! It needs more rounds 🙂

– Ice Maze : too easy in my opinion, but well done, great ideas and balance. Also needs more rounds!

– Ruinas : great map, a lot of rounds, 4 clans to choose from, very enjoyable. Too bad that there’s a lot of typos 😦

– The maze: nice design, a lot of content but it’s way too easy and towers are unbalanced (water man, warrior & magician are way too powerful… or maybe the monsters are too weak :P). Also some lines in tower descriptions are too long.

I also tested those maps but not added them due to some problems

– Laberinto: great idea, but please translate it to english!
– Hellgate Keeper: nice map but unplayable due to a problem with monster collision map
– latest Virus TD: unplayable, tower collision map is invalid
– 6 clans ice : nice ideas and a lot of towers, but seems unfinished 😦 it’s very short too
– Azteca: I don’t see the point of this map, it’s just a copy on mine with 5000 gold and 2 towers added, I don’t see any interest as if you build the big one, it kills every single monster by itself. A map for frustated losers? 😛
– Demon hunter! : unplayable, seems unfinished

If I forgot one just post a comment 😉