Version 0.5 released

Finally, here is the promised new version: Download

– PAFS version is gone, now only the fat/DLDI version is available
+ you can now use the arrow keys to select maps in the menu
+ added 5 automatic levels of difficulty for each map: it affects the life of the monsters, and the final score
+ options are now saved within the rom (require DLDI driver with write support)
+ in-game menu added
+ added possibility to restart the map in-game
+ added quicksave & exit in-game option so you can save your current game and finish it later (require DLDI driver with write support)
+ high-scores are now saved (require DLDI driver with write support)
+ high-scores can be viewed on the map selection screen (press L or R to switch minimap/high-scores)
+ small speedups here and there
+ added some new maps
+ new game icon
= fixed some bugs
= fixed Long Walk TD skeleton’s round

ABOUT MULTIPLAY – Donated: 145$ (Goal: 200$)

Thanks to all donators!

Short version: I need 200$ to buy a 2nd DS + flashcart to add multiplay : Donate with PayPal!

Long story:
I’ve said earlier that I would make a point on this, here it is. As you may have noticed, still no multiplayer in this release… Why?

I planned to add it during my year abroad in Montreal, but infortunately the friend who was planning to come with me (and with his DS) could not come… So with only 1 DS on my hand, adding multiplayer is impossible.

But there’s another problem now. In 2 months, I’ll be back in France and as I’ll have school finished, I’ll start working. I also plan to take a flat with my girlfriend. This means obviously, no more free time for homebrew development…

The good part is that I still have 2 months to implement multiplayer !! But I need a second DS to be able to do it… That’s where I need you. I need 200$ to buy a second DS + flashcart. That means, if 100 people each donate 2$, I can add multiplayer to WTD…

So it’s up to you now! I’ll do my best to add multiplay for a final version of my homebrew, but I need your support… Keep it mind that the faster I can bought the 2nd DS, the best chances are that multiplay will be up with plenty of options!

Here’s the donation link: Donate !

I’ll make a point regulary on how much money has been donated so far. Thanks for your support!


~ by Noda on 25 February, 2008.

82 Responses to “Version 0.5 released”

  1. Dontated $5! Good luck! Keep up the great work!

  2. GREAT!!!!! OMFG! going to try it now! THANKS!


  4. Nice update!

    Sorry to hear that this will likely be the last release though.

  5. Damn yeah thats true but multiplayer so soon. I currently have no credit card but I’ll try find a friend who can donate for you! And good luck with homebrewing and your girl friend ^^

  6. At my M3 Real card it isn’t working…. waht have i to do??

    pls help me!

  7. Sorry…. I’ve got it… i’ve started with my gba expansion pack

  8. I’ve donated $25… Keep up the good work

  9. What about releasing the source of the project when you won’t be able to update it anymore? With an opensource licence for example.

  10. That’s already planned, the source will be released under the zlib license after multiplay is added 😉

    Thanks to all generous donators so far!

  11. Noda how much donates you got from now?

    Will it be wifi multiplayer or download play or both?

  12. OT: Gears of War TD seems not calibrated with normal difficulty. It’s nearly impossible to beat round 8….

  13. Samsline> look the edit at the bottom 😉

    andrea> Gears of war TD is very hard to be and challenging, but I think it’s doable since I remember having beaten it… ^^

  14. this doesent work with my g6real 2gb OR my m3 ds real. it says “dldi patching” on the lower screen (as it’s supossed to). but then the “dldi patching” text moves to the upper screen, and thats it. do you think you could fix this? there are MANY ppl that use g6 and m3 real.

  15. I’m sorry, I can’t do anything concerning this problem as it’s an issue with the G6/M3 real auto-dldi patcher. You must beg for a firmware update to them.

    Meanwhile, you can launch my game using this cards by loading it trough DSOrganize.

  16. Freaking Sweet. Once I get my Paypal up and running, you will have a lot more money. I think it’s needed to support a developer like you.

    Much thanks from Alberta, Canada,


  17. I am korean so I don’t English .
    I hope say you to VERY THANK YOU.

  18. I’ve tried to start Tower Defense with my mk5 using the dsorganize but it just says patching dldi and then it get stuck saying Initializing FAT

  19. i tried to patch the game file without the auto patcher, but theres still this problem. g6 realesed a new firmware update 2 weeks ago. and ALL (and i mean ALL.) other ´homebrews (and commercial games) work with g6…

  20. Starlite has been reported to not work under G6 real as well.
    For the MK5 I’ll check as I own one but never encountered problems with it.

    The problem seems to come with the dldi patching system of the m3/g6 real (and some other) cards. Because I use appended data by the means of NitroFS, those dldi patchers may have problems with incorrectly getting the size of the binary.

    I bet that any EFS-enabled homebrew won’t work with these cards, and there’s nothing I can do for this on my side. Their patcher must be bugfixed.

  21. BTW, the initialization might take a while the first time the homebrew is loaded, especially if you have many files on your card. This is perfectly normal.

  22. it works perfectly on my cyclods. never had any problems with compatibility on my cyclo.

    ty noda.

  23. Dontated 10$, Good luck with Mp

  24. Hey nice work! Funfun and it works perfectly on my M3 simply

    it would be sweet if you made open maps too, that allowed mazing
    maybe you already have one or addressed this, i don’t know


  25. ok disregard my above comment i found it lol
    now i feel like an idiot

    good job and thanks! i’ll remember to donate when i get a credit card

  26. Hi Noda.

    What about using Select button to put the timer at 0? For example, we can acces the menu touching the button on the sup screen and pressing Start.


  27. eh what? star lite works perfectly on my g6.

  28. this is so gay i cant get it on my r4 i have spent 4 hours now ands im getting pissed

  29. ALSO does it even work on my r4 some1 help me please i want to play it so fucking bad

  30. gay

  31. so gay u suck

  32. Kyle it works perfect on my R4. i got two solotions for you.
    1. update from R4 homepage just google it
    2. i you using R4 auto lib patch or what it now is, it not always work try manualy do it.
    if you cant do it this way you need to get on knees and beg R4 for solotion (I use R4 myself)

  33. For god sake dont write words like “gays” here on commnets how old are you?

    im not sure we wll get the multiplayer function course he cant wait 2 months for donates he got 2 moths to buy it and make multiplayer function to

  34. when i sayed lb patch i meant DLDI

  35. in desert glory map, how in the world are you supposed to beat the last level, the buildings aren’t even strong enough…

    to get it to work on your r4, I’ve never used auto patching, i always manually patch it. Try a manual patcher on your computer

    Great game! Internet multiplayer would be great!

  36. Hey, nice!
    Maybe you can buy I used one! Cost less (like 100$?)
    Like at ebgames you can buy used games and console i think

  37. I’ve thought of this, but it has been reported that newer DS comes with a different wifi chip than old one, causing some issues with wifi libs. As I already have an old one, I prefer to go for a new one to be sure to manage those issues and make multiplay available for everyone 😉

  38. noda what you mean the new games not gonna work with the old on wifi? or what?

  39. No, it’s only homebrew related 😉 It was discovered that newer NDS have different wifi chips, and these may actually be quite buggy under some circumstances with the wifi libs available for homebrews.

  40. ok. phuu you scared me there 😀 now I just need to remake my nintendo wifi stick to a soft ap 😀 damm that is the third time im doing that 🙂 hope i get multiplay soon cant wait maybe if you realease the source later somone can put up a highscore list or something

  41. This game is great — it’d be great to have it added to the homebrew database for DSOrganize

  42. i really like how you lied to get a new ds instead of a pre-ownde ^^

  43. If you think I’m lying, take a look at the dswifi CVS notes…

    I’ve alreay experienced random problem while playing over wifi between “older” ds lite and “newer” ds lite, that’s why I’d like a newer ds lite to make sure these kind of problems won’t happen.

  44. why the hell would he lie -.- if you cared about this project then you wouldn’t mind.

  45. lol i dotn belive he lies, but he get a new DS thats sure but im think that all work he done hes worth a new DS 😀

  46. Bon voila moi je suis un french et adore ce jeux ainsi que ma copine.
    Nous attendons le mode multi-joueur avec impatience.C’est pour cela que nous voulons aussi contribuer en offrant quelques dollars.
    En retour ^^ je souhaiterai avoir une version entièrement française du jeux ou alors le code source pour le faire moi même étant aussi programmeur.
    Merci pour ce jeux phénoménal.

  47. my answer to mr annonymous, he could be lying because he wanted to get a new ds. instead of a pre-owned. but i looked upp what he said and it’s true. but he could buy a pre-owned ds with the new wi-fi chip in it. but as i read in an other comment “he deserves a new ds”. i agree. to bad it doesent work on my g6-real 2gb. and this is the only homebrew game that doesent work on my g6. starlite works perfectly.

  48. what wifi chip in it??!!
    and btw i can give my spare ds if he really needs it , an he can give me like $80 email me sir. or aim or aol : WorstWoltin
    it works fine perfect condition

  49. i didn’t say that he doesn’t deserve a new ds , i was just saying who cares if he gets a new one or old..

  50. do you need r4 to play this or only bs drowser?

  51. People, DONATE!

  52. Yeah, it does not look bright! It is still a lot of money needed before we can hope for a multiplayer version! =(

  53. @k4ll3
    You need a flashcart to play this for example R4 ( i got r4 and got no problems)

  54. heyz anyway of making a naruto td map? cause the one on warcraft is fun:D and graet work love it

  55. what kind of flash card are you getting m3? r4? cyclods? I have a cyclods and WTD works great! keep up the great work i WUB it cant w8 4 multiplay

  56. noda please buy a used one course running out of time

  57. Just went out this morning, and passed by a few recycling shop, didn’t found any DS :/ It doesn’t seems there’s a lot of used game shops here in Montréal (but maybe I just don’t know where to find them..)

    I think I’ll just start writing the multiplay functions, leaving the comm protocols for later (or anyone else, if I don’t have have the time to finish it)

  58. thought this could help:

  59. there is always the web 😛
    ebay or anything

  60. But the time I receive it by the web, it won’t be useful :/ it’s now 3 weeks from my departure so…

  61. its going to be wifi huh? why dont u just email and send the files and test for some hours a day with a person on web?

  62. atm, we can only import own tilesets, but will we be able to import monsters / towers too?
    it would be too damn nice…
    anyways, great job!

  63. Samsline> it’s not really possible, as it’s not as simple as you say. Programming a multiplay protocol on such machine is quite hard considering what I have to synchronize, so I have to do heavy tests on bandwith/latency to adjust the comm protocol so it works smoothly.
    The bad thing is that now even if I get enough money it would be useless as I leave in 2 weeks :/

    I guess as I said earlier, I’ll may just write the multiplay sync system and leave the comm functions for whenever…

  64. so…. is multilayer going to be happing?

  65. im not really sure… but i’m not really that optimistic right now

  66. Noda, if you can’t get multilayer for some reason, you could always make a high score board on the internet for the game or something.

  67. AK+ does not work(with DLDI), stuck at 86% when loading the game

  68. I hope you can relese a new ver. b 4 u leave

  69. i want to download this game please help me

  70. to my DS please send me some link on my address
    thank you

  71. WOw I love your game!

  72. for all poor players with m3 real
    run it with the ds Organizer, and it will work!!!!

  73. does it work for ttds

  74. omfg so cool i have donated now do i get or all get that multi-play thing? =) i love this game but i have a problem i cant play on my nds only on my pc =(
    do i need some patch or what?

  75. this game rocks

  76. Can some one tell me how i can get this awsome game to my ds. I have a tt ds card. So i have tried 3 hours but cant get it work. when i’m going to start the game the screnn is just white. Please help me^^

  77. what a fail



  80. OMG! this is a great game!

  81. you are inspiring us to write such a nice article well done keep it up thanks for sharing us .for free games try my blog

  82. NICE OMG!!!!

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